Night Light or Lamp? White Noise or Music?

Updated on February 12, 2012
T.G. asks from Aubrey, TX
24 answers

How does your toddler sleep? Night light, room light, lamp or completly dark. White noise, music or silence?

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answers from Seattle on

My 4 mo old sleeps with a nightlight and white noise. The white noise is less for her, and more for us. If we accidentally drop or bang something, she is less likely to wake up.

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answers from Honolulu on

It really depends on the child. Each child is different.
My kids, like to have an oscillating fan on low.... it disguises the house noises and is a kind of white noise.
They can't sleep with a night light on. Nor music.
But they each have their own flashlights in bed with them, for if they need something or to go to the bathroom or look for something.

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answers from Champaign on

We do have a nightlight, which I appreciate having. It makes it easier if I need to go to him or if I need to put away laundry.

I think white noise is a must! Not only is it very soothing, but it blocks out most noise from the house. My husband and I still try not to be too loud, but this way we can still watch tv, do dishes, etc.

We didn't buy a white noise machine. We just use a box fan set on low. The only downside we've noticed is that we need to bring it with us when we travel or buy one when we get there. Still totally worth it, if you ask me :-)

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answers from Phoenix on

We use a night light and a fan for noise.

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answers from Austin on

Night light and she either listens to books on CD or music..

She is in college and still falls to sleep with either the audio book or music.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My son is older now but he's a door-closed kind of kid at night time and always has been. We still use his little stained glass turtle lamp on the nightstand. Silence or TV on a 10-20 minute timer.
When he was in a crib, he had a nightlight and we always played a classical CD on low and repeat.

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answers from San Antonio on

used to be white noise and night light (Graco's combo) to fall asleep, but then after falling asleep I'd turn off the light - those things are too bright. That was at age 3.

Now at age 3.5, after dad got annoyed with the white noise machine, it's absolute silence (we are out in the country) and no lights at all, unless it's a full moon in which case it's decenly bright even in the house. PITCH DARK when there's a new moon.

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answers from Seattle on

My son alternates. He has insomnia, and has never ever slept well. He's 21 months and sometimes (like now) doesnt sleep through the night.. But thats besides the point lol, he has a nightlight and a lullaby cd that he listens to like currently, and that helps for a few days to a few weeks and then he changes and likes his room, cooler, dark, and quiet. And randomly a humidifier helps too.

I can never figure this boy out!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Night light, fan in the warmer months, soft music now that it's cooler at night.

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answers from Washington DC on

At one point I used a sleep sheep, but she didn't use it long. She'd rather snuggle with it. I also tried a classical CD.

DD still has a soft nightlight, but no white noise. We try not to be crazy loud, but I've never crept around the house, even when she was an infant.

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answers from New York on

My son who is 4 now has had a night light and classical music since he began sleeping in his own room at 9 months.

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answers from Kansas City on

we had a fan for noise but it broke and we haven't replaced it - lights off. he has a cool color changing night light, but most of the time it's not enough, he wants the door cracked too.

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answers from Sacramento on

We use a dex sound machine set to "ocean". I love it because I hear it in my room too and it's so relaxing. My 5.5 year old uses a night light.



answers from Denver on

Humidifier provides some nice white noise. There is also a light on it and a small night light - mostly dark. My daughter's room is the most "relaxing" in the house : )



answers from Los Angeles on

Almost 3 year old has a night light. Works perfectly.
No noise.
We sing 3 songs right at bedtime (sometimes he'll have us read him a story before bedtime when he sits in our lap in the living room).
Other than that, nightlight, a bedtime ritual (bath, pj's, kiss everyone good night, say goodnight to sister & discuss what we will do the next day).



answers from Syracuse on

2 year old- completely dark and a humidifier.

3 year old- completely dark until just recently, he likes a night light, and a humidifier.



answers from Chicago on

night light, sound machine



answers from Chicago on

For my 2 yr old - a sleep CD or music and "it depends" for the nightlight. She used to sleep in the dark, but now she wants it on so she can "read" in bed before going to sleep.



answers from Nashville on

Nightlight for sure. Lamp is too much light and costs more in electricity.
we all have noise machines in our bedrooms. It is a light noise but enough to drown out birds, cars starting, phones ringing, dogs barking, etc It is a constant noise that doesn't fluctuate like music could. We love it! Kids sleep so much better with the white noise. We like the nightlights for kids to be able to see if they get up to go to the bathroom or even when they were young we wanted to make sure if they woke up, they could see and weren't scared, not to mention we want to be able to see them if we go in their room.


answers from Kansas City on

My 3yr old son has a homedic nightlight with a timer. I set it to 60 min. Light lullabyes in the background. In the summer time, a fan.

By the time the light turns off and the music (CD) plays the last song, he is fast asleep....

Door gets closed, he cannot come out as there is one of those safety knobbies for kiddo's on the inside... We have story time after a nice warm bath, then hugs and kisses as he guides me to the door (his decision to pull me to the door when he is done with cuddle time), I get a smooch and he closes the door. He always feels like he is in control of the situation though... and it works for us. This way he does not feel the need to escape and come downstairs to ask for nesquick. :P



answers from Dallas on

Completely dark and silence. :) How it's been since day 1 and she's almost 3 and I'm so glad I did it this way. We can travel prop-less.



answers from Oklahoma City on

One goes to sleep after a book in a dark room. No fan or other noise. One child wants a night light and the TV on. I don't let that happen, I found them watching Adult Swim one night when they came and asked me what something meant on the cartoon shows. I was shocked at the use of the term to say the least and the TV is set where it does not go to any channels except Disney, OETA, and Nickelodeon. If they want to watch some other channel I use the remote and code, then we set it on the channel and when the show is over and it is changed they can't go back to the other channel.

I don't care what they need to sleep, I have had phases in my life where I wanted it different for me to rest peacefully. Right now I want to sleep with some light on and the TV going. I feel yucky and need to keep distracted by noise to keep my brain from going weird places, thinking I have pneumonia and stuff and that if I fall asleep I won't wake up... anxiety stuff. When I am sick or feeling extra stressed out I use sound to help me sleep.



answers from Lafayette on

my kiddos are big now, but have always slept with music. My dd could say tsaikovski by the time she was 3 lol. Their tastes have changed now more classical.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

We don't use anything. My hubs is against any sleep props. However, I'm pushing for a nightlight now that my 2 1/2 year old son is saying he's scared of the dark. I also think it would help if he needs to get a tissue or use the bathroom.

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