Night Light for My 2.5 Yr Old

Updated on April 06, 2012
S.S. asks from Osgood, IN
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we have always had a nightlight in my sons room. It made it easier for us to check on him or change him without waking him. About 5 months ago he started unplugging it and taking it apart in the morning when he woke up. We would find pieces (including the light bulb. ) in his bed. We took the night light away when he started unscrewing the bulb with it still plugged in. However my son is afraid of the dark so we needed to replace it with something battery operated that he could not take apart easily. We bought him a lullaby star cube, because it says on the box that it has a night light only mode for older children. My son loved the stars projected on his ceiling but the thing only stays on for 10 minutes before shutting off, and my son starts crying and shouting, "no light!". Even if he is able to fall asleep in that 10min he gets scared when he wakes up in the dark. I replaced it with a childs camping latern, but it produces very little light. We need something that produces enough glow to see around the room, but is battery operated, will last all night, and my son can't take apart easily. Any ideas?

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So What Happened?

I use to use a tap light in a long closet that had no light and it worked well, I bet it would make a great night light.

I can't use a humidifier in his room. We actually need a dehumidifer because I found mold growing on his floor and in his closet. We have very poor drainage in our yard.
Alot of good ideas. I have considered a Cloud B light (my newborn has the cloud b sheep and I love it!) but he would not be able to turn it on himself at night because it is pitch black and he would not be able to find the light. He does not have a dresser so we can not plug in anything back there (I removed the dresser because his room is only 100 square feet and it was taking up to much room. We store his close in a three drawer steralite container) and he does not have a ceiling light (the people who owned the house before us had it removed and put in a ceiling fan since there is no AC in our house) I don't think IKEA sells lights on their website, and the closest one to us is about 2hrs away. I did see the LED lights on Targets website. They look like they would work well, we will probably give that a try.

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answers from Denver on

How about hanging some small Christmas lights around the edge of the ceiling? I believe they sell electrical outlet protectors that a parent can access but not a kid, so you could plug the lights into one of those. Or connect the lights to an extension cord that you string along the ceiling into another room and plug them in there.

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answers from Columbus on

We installed dimmer switches for the ceiling lights in both of our kids rooms and it works great. You can control the amount of light for putting the kids to bed, while they sleep, if you need a little more light to change the kids or find something without turning it all the way on, etc. We also have a lantern style light with a very low watt bulb on a dresser (not near the bed) that my 5 year old now prefers over the ceiling light but we can still use the dimmed ceiling light to read books, etc. and then just use the lantern during the night. Good luck!


answers from St. Louis on

Do they still make the one piece green plug in ones? They are flat and cannot be taken apart.



answers from Indianapolis on

I turn my daughters closet light on and leave the closet door only open a crack.



answers from Washington DC on

We use this. Is a humidifier (cool mist) with a night light on top that goes in different colors and displays stars on the ceiling. My kids love it!!!



answers from Dallas on

My son was the same way!! We bought him two from Target. They were in the section where the decorative kid's room stuff is. (In the Targets near us, those are on the side of the store near the office supplies.) They are LED and plug in to charge. We charge them during the day and take them off at night. They are a silicone type material and impossible to take apart. His are in the shape of a bird and a turtle. They are very cute and give off just enough light to see the room, but they aren't bright.


answers from Columbus on

My son went through the same thing around that age, we tried letting him sleep with a flashlight for a while but I was worried that the sheets would catch fire. Someone suggested we get a TykeLight, and it was a huge success! Walmart sells the mini ones but we ordered a full size one from Amazon. It comes with a charging base so there are no batteries to take out. It doesn't get hot, and you can choose different colors or set it to cycle through all the colors. Plus it has rounded edges so when he rolls on it in his sleep it doesn't poke him. It usually lasts all night without shutting off. He loves having his "glowy guy" keep him company.



answers from Dallas on

The tap lights are great. And you can find ones that will produce more light than others. We use them for my youngest and my oldest used to use one for reading. We velcrowed them to were we wanted them to be and they stayed.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Have you checked One Step Ahead? They usually have great products and I know they sell night lights.



answers from Chicago on

How about a dimmer switch on a regular lamp? You can install the dimmer switch on the wall and dim his regular lamp. The nice thing is you can control the amount of light. We would leave the light a little bit brighter while she was going to sleep, and then dim it a bit more after she was out.

I saw an advertisement for Pillow Pets that have light inside of them that lights up the ceiling. I don't know how long the light stays on, as my daughter is too old. But it would be worth looking in to!

Good luck!



answers from Muncie on

use a light from IKEA that is rechargable but is a sof t plastic that you push the top of it to turn it off and on. They are sold in the lighting section but I have seen them in the kids section too. They are led run and completely child friendly. My son used to tuck his under the blanket with him. They are cool to the touch and designed for kids. Unfortunately I do not know the weird IKEA name they have but we call ours red man and blue man. they have little faces on them.



answers from Atlanta on

Does it have to be battery-operated? A lot of the new LED nightlights do not come apart, but they do plug in. My son had a sea-shell one in his room that we bought at walmart, and now he has a color-changing fishy one. Neither one has a replaceable light-bulb, but LEDs last forever.



answers from Portland on

How about a light which hangs from the ceiling? Plug it in behind a dresser or other piece of furniture and put a red low-watt light bulb in. Those star lanterns are pretty neat, and it would be enclosed, out of reach. I know this doesn't solve the 'battery operated' issue, but it's a thought.

The red bulbs were what they used in our barracks-- we slept with the 'fire lights' on just fine.

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