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Updated on March 17, 2011
S.B. asks from Englewood, NJ
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Moms, I am looking for a good night light that plays music that will help my 2 year old son fall asleep. I will bathe him, read him a story and put him to bed and he is still wound up. Sometimes you can hear him singing to himself up to 2 hours later. I need something that will soothe him and I figured something that can play soft music with a little light on( he does not likeit dark and he has a little night light now). Are any of you using something like that?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I just used a CD player in my son's room at night.

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answers from Nashville on

You could try a glo-worm. I have one for my DD (the seahorse ones...) they come in a boy or girl color, and they play music for about 10 minutes while the body glows.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I also used a CD player in the room. We had a CD of harp music that she fell asleep to for a long time.

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answers from New York on

Forget looking for a "musical" nightlight. Best option is to get a LED nightlight & a small boombox. The LED nightlight gives enough light to see, but the kind of light it creates will not keep you awake like a regular incandesant can. You can get a small CD boombox at Walmart for $23.00. Then just get a CD of lullabies that you can play for naps & at night. This has worked well for my 2 girls, now 5 & 8. We still use the CD. It guarantees sleep.

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