Niece Has Gas

Updated on July 03, 2015
T.N. asks from Houston, TX
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My niece is 4 days old. She is having terrible gas. What do you suggest we give her? Help Moms?

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answers from Louisville on

Is she breast or formula fed? My dd had horrible gas until we did some elimination diets and discovered she had a milk protien allergy. Once I cut dairy out of my system, she did a lot better.

If she's formula fed, I would suggest that her mom try changing brands.

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answers from San Francisco on

What does the doctor say?

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answers from Seattle on

Has she asked her doctor about what to do?

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answers from Boston on

The parents needs to talk to the pediatrician. Don't give a newborn anything but breast milk and formula without directions from the doctor. Don't change formulas without talking to the doctor. Mom might consider avoiding gassy foods like broccoli, beans, peppers, but that doesn't always work.

Feed a little less and burp more often, then continue feeding/burping cycle. Change the baby's position - tummy down on the parent's legs for a few minutes, then roll over, then head up, then flat, etc. That helps move things around. Lay the baby on her back, then gently take the legs and bend the knees so the thighs go up close to the belly - sort of putting the baby in a frog position or crouch. Don't push, but hold the legs there for a minute, then gently stretch them out. That helps move the bowels which can reduce pressure in the abdomen.

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answers from Kansas City on

When my DD was that age she had the same problem due to her not latching on the nipple completely. She was bottle fed so we had to keep switching nipples. She was born with special needs so her palate and her mouth were very small due to her disability. Maybe try switching nipples to see if that helps. Good luck.

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answers from St. Louis on

Is her mom nursing and had antibiotics during labor. It is possible that is thrush and not gas. My third had thrush for three months because he never got the spots in his mouth and no one at the hospital told me they gave me IV antibiotics. That left me with a poor baby who was in so much pain from the gas it produces.

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answers from Chicago on

Sorry, I wrote my original answer thinking that you were a new mom. Then I saw you have three children! sorry

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answers from Los Angeles on

I suggest she calls the nurse at her pediatrician's office.
If she's on formula--please don't start switching formulas after 4 days!
If she's on powdered formula? Try the premixed liquid version of the same.
My son was very uncomfortable with the powder.



answers from Pittsburgh on

At 4 days old her system is still figuring out how to work. Just give it time. If she still gassy in a week your SIL should look into an elimination diet. Most people start by eliminating dairy from mom's diet to see if that helps.


answers from Norfolk on

If you have 3 kids, then you know as much as we do about what to try.

As a new Mom, your sister/sister-in-law should have a pediatrician for her newborn and she should be making good use of their nurse hot line for questions like this.
New Moms have tons of questions and they are exhausted and recovering from giving birth and often with newborns it seems like they cry non stop for the first 6 to 8 weeks.
It can be a very exhausting stressful time for everyone.

Try the silicon gas drops.
They can't hurt and they might help.

If Mom is breast feeding then she should watch what she eats.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Her formula isn't right. The doc needs to know so he can change it to another type. Her tummy might not be ready for a milk based formula and soy or another type would work better.

If it's not formula, breast feeding, then mom's diet isn't agreeing with the baby's tummy. My friend had to add avocado to her diet while she was breast feeding. While pregnant she craved it like crazy. Her boy eats at least an avocado a day and he's 14.

Other than your actual question, is the baby pooping normally? If not she/he might have more serious issues.

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