Nice Cheap Places to Have Birthday Parties in Philadelphia

Updated on October 16, 2006
C.G. asks from Philadelphia, PA
7 answers

I do not know what I am going to do For my daughter turning five in December

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Although a home party is nice, if you want to have a party at a place try the Smith Memorial Playhouse. It's a playhouse that's built in Fairmount Park. They have 3 floors and tons of toys. the playhouse is run by volunteers so they rely completely on donations. Which is what your party fee would be. You have to bring your own cake, snacks and drinks. But it's cool. It's really only for kids 5 and under so this would be the last year you could use this spot, other than that it's Chuckie Cheese (yuk!).

Check out the website, it's worth a look. Good luck with your planning. I hope your daughter has a great birthday no matter where its held.

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It would be cheaper to have it at home and have people bring a pot luck. I am having my daughters 6th birthday(2 weeks late) at the Garden state discovery museum on Saturday. It is 2 1/2 hrs long and comes to 13 $ a child. 10 min 20 max. 1 parent is free with each child and the birthday childs parents are free. You have to bring any food desired. It is sort of expensive to us but we are still renovating our house and unfortunitely, it still isnt finished. I had posted a similar posting and got many responses.
Also having a party at a pumpkin farm. Still around $150.00 and starting to get cold. If you have a mcdonalds or burgerking with play area, check prices. I didnt but received an email from someone saying very cheap-happymeal for each child included. Take care and I hope she has a happy birthday!

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Why not at your house? I remember when I turned five we had the party at my house and my mom hired a clown for entertainment. It was the best party ever. He did magic and made ballon animals.



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try burger king, any indoor one. This is a hit with my kids, cost is $25.00 for invitations a t shirt and 15 party bags then the day of the party you just pay for the happymeals. you supply the cake.Have fun



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Hey C.<
How many are you planning on having for her party.
I. G.



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try to have your parties at home for as long as you can. If you do something out of the house she may expect it bigger and better next year. If the thought of all those kids in your house freaks you out remember it is only for two hours. For my son's fourth b day we planned a party at our house with games and all but all the kids did was play with his toys. It doesn't get cheaper than that!! ;) We ordered a pizza and I made the cake. The most expensive thing was the paper plate because he is really into monster trucks and the paper stuff cost about $50. So all told the party at our house was great and came in around $100. Also don't forget the dollar store for favors!



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We did a 6 year-old birthday party at "Hi-Spot Lanes" bowling alley, in Roxboro. (Pechin & Hermit)
Phone number = ###-###-####

The bowling alley only has 8 lanes!! They put up bumpers for the kids too.
We invited about 15 little girls and had pizza and cupcakes.
The owners were wonderful and the girls(and parents!) all had a ball. For the whole party(2 years ago) it was under $150. That was the decorations and everything.

Good Luck!! :-)

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