Newly Pregnant with Rhumatoid Arthritis

Updated on December 22, 2008
J. asks from Skokie, IL
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I recently found out that I am pregnant with my second child, however my rhumatoid arthritis has been full blown as of late. I was wondering if anyone has any similar stories to shares regarding medications while pregnancy. I am currently down to only my presidone and off my other meds. I was doing okay for the first few days, but after this big snow storm and cold snap-I'm feeling pretty bad-and just crying like a baby all the time! My first pregnancy I went into remission,however I did not have active pain when I got pregnant and was doing accupuncture at the time. Right now, accupuncture is too painful as I have already tired.

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I can imagine things are difficult for you! You may already know a lot about diet and nutritional supplementation as far as RA goes, but I have some natural approach recommendations that you may be interested in. Let me know if I can pass on some info!



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I do not have RA, but work with a client who has RA and who has taken herself (by her choice) off of most meds and she actually is feeling better. I am working with her on her diet and there is enough scientific evidence that supports following a gluten-free and dairy-free diet will help allievate RA symptoms. She actually noticed this after going off of both for 3weeks, then she ate some cheese at a party thinking nothing of it and had a flare-up. Dairy and gluten both cause inflammation in the joints. I also have her on Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega plus Vitamin D3 fish oils (which studies show pregnant moms that take fish oils have smarter babies :) a food based vitamin (sorry, most Rx prenatals are not good quality), B12 and B5 is the other vitamins I have her on. We have also cut out ALL artificial sweeteners and uses agave nectar syrup to sweeten her foods. She feels better and is having more energy, but she does feel better when there is sunlight, which supports the evidence of needing Vitamin D3 (which we lack in the Chicago winters). You have to heal your body from within, nourish the cells that support the bodily functions...feel free to email me if you would like more info. Cutting gluten and dairy is a big deal, especially when pregnant. If you are worried about calcium and vitamin D...dairy is not the best source either since most of it is killed in the pasteurization process. Almonds, Kale, spinach are by far better sources. She also has major tree nut allergies too.

I know it is painful, but it can be healed naturally.

Happy Holidays,
Wellness Educator/Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant



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J., I do not suffer from Rhumatoid Arthritis, but am a firm beleiver in starting with natural cures. Even if you are not, normally, you may have to be while pregnant. I have read some testimonies of people with rhumatoid arthritis in a book I have and they use natural products from Shaklee. One girl used protein shakes, a multi-vitamin, Omega's, alfalfa and some other supplements and she was able to live wheelchair free and have and raise two children. It is something to think about. If you would like more information, let me know.



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The information below is all very healthy. Natural remedies and changes in diet will help a great deal. Also I suggest Chiropractic and physical therapy to help with pain. You are more then welcome in my office I have helped treat many women with a similar history. We evaluated thier symptoms and came up with an appropriate and effective treatment plan. I help many expecting mothers and there are non-medication options for you. Please contact me if you have questions

Dr. Alexis LAndgrebe Tinley Park

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