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Updated on July 16, 2010
B.K. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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Anyone have any ideas on how to get our baby to sleep next to bed vs in our bed? Scared of hurting her as she is rolling at only 4 weeks! My goodness!

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So What Happened?

She is sleeping in bassinet and swing. Swaddling helped the best! I agree that she won't be spolied being rocked to sleep. After all, they grow up so fast and it is truly enjoyable!

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answers from Chicago on

I had a bassinette next to the bed so I could keep a hand on her back while she fell asleep and get some sleep myself since I wasn't worried about squishing her. Worked for both my girls. Mommy is close enough for comfort that way.

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answers from Kansas City on

an age old question for sure! Our first slept like a champ in her crib from day one all by herslef. Our second was a different story. We did the same things, reacted the same ways, but he was not the same. I do agree that you shouldn't rock them to sleep, etc. etc. but honestly, at four weeks old that doesn't matter and "rules" sort of fly out the window. It really doesn't become a factor until at least 2 months. After that I would encourage a more routine night and no rocking to sleep, etc. If possible, I would try to move her out of your room. The longer that she's in your room the less you will sleep, in my opinion. You will wake at her every move or peep and neither of you will rest. If you're not comfortable with that yet, then try a basinet, although I'm guessing you have already. You just have to make it work at that young age I'm afraid, but it will get better!!!

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Get a co-sleeper or a bassinet. Co-sleepers attach to the bed, but have rails so you don't hurt the little one.

I totally agree that a baby shouldn't be in your bed - you are creating habits that you will regret later on. But if you still HAVE to have baby right next to you, do the co-sleeper or a bassinet. I had a playpen that turned into a bassinet.

Good luck :)

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answers from Phoenix on

My kids always slept in their own crib from day one. The best advice I ever got was to NEVER rock or hold a baby to sleep. Put them in their OWN crib awake and they will learn to put themselves to sleep. My kids slept the first week for 12 hours straight until they were both almost 3. I hope you find something tha works for you!

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answers from Louisville on

You could invest in a co-sleeper. I put my son's crib in our room instead. If she is already rolling I would definitely put her in the crib. I can recommend a great book that helps to ease the transitions.

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answers from Raleigh on

what about Arms Reach Co-sleeper, those are great!!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Four weeks is too young to start any sleep training. Do whatever you have to do to get the baby and you some sleep. I would try the bed extender or bassinet if the baby won't sleep in its crib right now. I don't think there is anything wrong with rocking or nursing the baby to sleep at this point. In my opinion that is one of the most pleasurable experiences or having a newborn and I wouldn't miss out on it. Later at about 3 months get a book about sleep and start setting up a schedule and a bedtime routine. Enjoy that baby!!

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answers from Chicago on

Swaddle her! It's the only thing that works for my daughter. We had her in a bassinet in our room until about 8 weeks, then I moved her into her crib in her own room. The only way she sleeps is when she's swaddled!

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answers from Chicago on

are you nursing her? are you on medications? you are not going to roll over on your newborn ( i wouldnt trust the hubby quite yet or ANY child) just like you dont roll off the bed in the middle of the night.

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answers from Chicago on

A bassinet is a great piece of baby furniture at this age. If you want baby a little closer you can find a used co sleeper on craigslist for cheap. This might be easier if you are breastfeeding.

I slept with my daughter in our guest bed for 2 months. Then I felt like she and hubby were ready for a family bed. I breastfeed exclusively and have found this arrangement to work out great for us. If you feed formula then baby should definitely not bed share with you. Also if you are overweight, have a sleeping disorder, or are on medication then it's not safe.

Feeding formula and breastfeeding make a huge difference during sleep. Breastfed babies generally wake up more often in the night to feed than formula fed babies. If you are breastfeeding then it will be easier if baby shares your room with you. Babies give many cues when they are hungry. If you room share you can wake up to feed baby BEFORE baby fully awakens or cries. It is more disruptive to your sleep and harder to resettle a crying baby.

Do not try any sleep training until at least 4 months. You absolutely cannot spoil a newborn so rocking is fine. Baby has just spent 9 months is your womb and is still getting adjusted to the world. Your baby will eventually settle down and learn day and night sleeping patterns, it just takes a couple of months. Do not be amazed at parents who say their babies have slept soundly from day one or in their crib with no problem. This is more a reflection of baby's natural temperament than parenting skills.

The best thing that you can do as a mother is to trust your instincts. You can listen to all of the well intentioned advice that you want but you know best. Every baby is different and every family situation unique. Trust yourself to know what will work best for yours and have confidence. That's the best sleep advice I can offer, hope it helps.

Congrats on your new baby and Good Luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I would swaddle her and use a moses basket or a bassinet (regular cribs are just too big at this young age). Babies like to be swaddled and feel secure , worked with all 3 of mine.

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answers from Honolulu on

Use a "Moses Basket."
A newborn should not be in your bed... safety hazard.

My son, since birth, slept in a Moses Basket. He LOVED it and slept REAL well there... it is cozy and comfy... and portable and you can take it anywhere you are... if baby is napping.
I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Moses Basket.

My son was a big baby.... over 8 lbs. and a little over 21" long at birth... and he could sleep in his Moses Basket until he outgrew it at about 3 months.

I got mine from Amazon.

You would need a crib... for when she gets bigger though.
That is where my daughter slept, since she was born.

Good luck,

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