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Updated on July 14, 2012
M.H. asks from Lima, OH
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My daughter is 2 weeks old. I have two other children who are 4 and 6. I never let my other two sleep with me when they were babies however they did just fine in their own bed. With this one, she wasn't wanting to sleep in her cradle, swing, or playpen so I finally gave in and let her sleep with me. It went ok for a couple days, but with this being my last resort to get some sleep, she instantly starts fussing right when we lay down. Is there anything I can do? Yes, she is swaddled every night and still fusses like crazy. Even at nap time during the day, I know she is tired which is why I lay her down or put her in her swing and she sleeps for maybe 5 minutes then gets herself up fussing again and when I try to soothe her with a pacifier she acts like she wants it then acts like its choking her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from New York on

She may be developing colic. She may also have acid reflux. She may also be allergic to milk. My son was this way unless I was actually holding him, he would not sleep. Turns out he was allergic to milk (not life threatening but still a problem) and I think he may have had acid...who knows now. I would speak to the doctor and see if he has suggestions for you. At 2 weeks is when these issues usually just start and they don't get better for a while without some help solving what is wrong.

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answers from Texarkana on

I agree with BB on the colic it gets worse at nighttime, you may try swapping to Dr Brown bottles and try to keep your little one awake for 1-2hrs before bedtime. I had to learn to sleep propped up on a couple of pillows holding my son at that age because he refused to sleep laying flat. It only lasted a couple of weeks but i know thats the worst two weeks ever. Try letting her sleep maybe on ur chest tummy down or or her side. Also just rotate with hubby on sleeping propped up if possible. Good luck hope this passes for you soon. O what about a carseat will she sleep in it, its ok to let her sllep in it for a few days at nighttime to since its at a angle.

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answers from Missoula on

My DD had a triple misery whammy: reflux, colic, and a milk allergy.

I cut dairy out of my diet, which helped a LOT. Her pediatrician recommended having her sleep on an incline, to help with the reflux, so for a few months she slept in her bouncy chair. I also gave her Gripe water on the nights she seemed really bad.

The good news is that she grew out of most of her issues around 3-4 months. :)

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answers from Cleveland on

I second what Nikki G said. None of my 5 kids ever slept well, and I wouldn't have dared let them sleep on their tummy's but that is the ONLY way number 5 sleeps. I did a lot of research on the SIDS stuff and I suggest every parent does the same thing, because yes putting baby to sleep on their back reduces the risk of SIDS, but there is more to that story. My little guy is 5.5 months old now and is the only one of my kids to sleep all night before age 1.


answers from Wichita on

Early symptoms of colic. See Pediatrician.



answers from Cleveland on

Sounds a lot like my 3rd baby. My first two hardly EVER slept w/ me. I am not comfortable with it mainy because I get no sleep that way. But my third would absolutely NOT sleep unless he was next to me. Period. I tried everything...swaddling, extra burbing, putting my shirt under him so he could smell me, Id put a heating pad in his bed for a few minutes before I laid him there so it would be warm......nothing worked. And while I am an advocate of CERTAIN types of sleep training...two weeks is too young to do much. Some babies are just more needy of mommy contact. And this may very well be the case. This was definitely the scenario w/ my last baby. What eventually started working was setting up a nighttime routine. Right around 6 I would feed him, then I'd give him a bath, massage him with lotion read a small story or rock him for awhile then lay him down around 7:30 every night. If he'd fuss I'd wait a few minutes and go back and comfort him, but lay him back down in his bed.
It's really hard when you're sleep deprived. But anyone who says you should let a newborn cry themselves to sleep is a jerk. Babies are not wired this early to cry for no reason. Babies do actually "need" to be held and comforted.
I'd also try different pacifiers. My last one finally liked the gerber ones that have the rounded ends. Those are the only ones he'd take. Not the nuk's I don't know what they are called but the plastic part is round and the end is round.
Not sure if you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, but maybe she is having tummy troubles too. I used to swaddle my last one and kind of tuck him slighlty sitting up in the boppy pillow in his pack n play. That worked most of the time. There could be so many reasons she's not sleeping... Just be observant and see if you can notice any other indicators..I started keeping a journal trying to figure out his sleep problems lol Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

My 2nd daughter did this from about 2-6 weeks. It was so frustrating. I tried everything. It turned out that what she WANTED was to sleep on her tummy. I knew this because I tried, while I was standing right there, to see if she would fall asleep if she was on her tummy, and sure enough, she went right to sleep. On her back, she would fuss and wiggle and cry.

Of course, I wasn't going to let my baby sleep on her tummy. Any way that we can reduce the risk of SIDS is worth it to me. What I DID do was place a very, very soft blankie next to her face. She immediately turned her face towards it and slept with her face buried in the blanket. I wasn't exactly comfortable with that arrangement, but we all have our preferences when we sleep. She still, to this day, sleeps with her face buried in that same blanket.

Once I figured out what she wanted, she slept, from 6 weeks old, 12 hours at night. She still does.

Hope you find out what your little one is wanting! I know it can be frustrating! Hang in there, momma, this will pass!

ETA: I NEVER co-slept, never will, and always discourage other Moms never to co-sleep. Once you get them in that habit, it's so hard to break them of it. Some Moms don't mind, but I value my space & privacy (so does my husband), so I was never interested in that.

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