Newborn Congestion

Updated on March 21, 2010
B.P. asks from Tornillo, TX
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I have a 5 week old baby girl and she had a lot of congestion on her nose but with some drops it has gotten better. The thing is that she also has congested her lungs and her Pediatrician gave me a machine named inspiraration that helps her breathe and take out all the phlyem. Well, she seemed better each time I would give it to her but then one of the times a gave it to her she did not want it. Then I noticed she was hungry. I gave her her bottle and some time later she threw up the milk and with some green substance. Does that mean that the machine is working? What else can I do for her I now she is still very little and I can't take her to the doctor because she has not had any fever and it has just been a couple of days that they gave this to her. So, please any advice that will not harm her and can help her feel better.

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A cool mist humidifier also can help loosen congestion. The hot ones are a scalding hazard, so I don't recommend using them around little ones.

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I second the humidifier. I just went to my dr and he said to get the VICKS humidifier at Walmart. He said don't worry about getting the medicine they sell to put in it unless you really want your room to smell like VICKS. LOL As for it being a scalding hazzard, unless you have older children that shouldn't be a concern. I actually grew up with a hot humidifier but my mom taught us to stay away from it and put a chair in front of us to remind us.

The green phlem, yes it sounds like the inhaler is working. :)


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If your baby is having excess mucus without other symptoms, please explore the possibility that your little one may have acid reflux or a sensitivity to dairy. I suggest these two possibilities based on my experience with my 6 month old. We have had ongoing issues with her since 2 weeks.

At 2 weeks, she was misdiagnosed and finally at 2 months her ped diagnosed her with reflux. Once we treated her reflux, we noticed some improvement but it wasn't until I removed all dairy from my diet that we saw a major improvement.

Just recently she got her first two teeth. I've been using Hyland's Teething Tablets for any discomfort and noticed she experienced excess mucus again. I realized one ingredient in Hyland's is lactose and once I stopped giving her the tablets her mucus cleared up again.

It may sound far fetched but based on my experience with my daughter, I know it's real. Here are some other suggestions that you may find helpful.

* Make sure your daughter stays hydrated.
* Use a cool mist humidifier.
* Have her sleep slightly elevated to help with draining.
* While holding her upright, pat her back(more to the sides over the lungs) with your hand cupped. This helps to break up the mucus and keep it loose.
* Examine the possibility of a dairy intolerance. Change your diet if breastfeeding or look for formula without dairy, ie. whey, lactose, etc.
* Use a bulb syringe to help suction the mucus.
* If you have questions or concerns, call your peds office. They work for you and should be willing to answer your questions. If not, find a different pediatrician that listens to your concerns and respects you as a parent.


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I can't answer about your specific question but wanted to tell you- You can ALWAYS take your baby in if you are concerned. You don't have to wait for a fever. For this situation, personally I would call the nurse line or after hours call line at your pediatricians office and ask them what they think. That is what they are there for, and pediatricians do not mind getting calls after hours. If they did, they wouldn't be pediatricians, because everyone knows babies wait until after office hours to have problems. Just be very specific in your questions and give them all the details, they will advise you what to do next. Always ask your doctor when you have a medical question, don't feel bad about not knowing what to do. They don't come with a manual. :) Hope she feels better soon.



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Call your Dr. and ask them about this. They are going to understand and be there to help you.



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Not sure of the anwser to your question but just wanted to comment dont ever feel like you cant take them to the Dr. because there is no fever. I am a first time Mom and if I am concerned over something I take him to the Dr.. That is what they are there for....especially in the beginning when there are so many questions and concerns...Please if your concerned take her to the of luck!



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Always follow your instincts check with your doctor. When it is not a dangerous situation and you want to help provide congestion relief for the young or old. An alternative steam therapy for loosening congestion. Buy eucalyptus oil. Most stores whole foods carry it for $6 per bottle. You do not actually bath in the eucalyptus oil or have skin contact. Close bathroom door. I usually held my babies and sat on the floor or a chair/toilet. Smaller the bathroom the better for more steam. Close the tub so no water drains out. Turn on the shower to hot. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil to shower and pour in tub. Close shower curtain or door so no hot water harms you. Keep the shower on til you have enough steam or hot water runs out. Usually 10-15 mins. Take deep breaths, it feels really great. Do not bath in it!! your skin will break out. It's your own homemade steam bath. After you can leave the tub full and open the bathroom door it helps put moisture and warmth for your home during the dry winter months. I've used this method for over 18 years, my children loved it and it helped prevent them from getting the green sinus infections. Also the steam bath was so relaxing afterward we usually laid on the bed then fell asleep. You can steam bath many times a day and for $6.



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My son was born at the beginning of Dec. I had a 21 month old at the time. Needless to say, he had a cold for the first 8 weeks of his life.

I found letting him sleep in his car seat at night really helped with his breathing. He also threw up milk with phlegm in it. It eventually passed....he of course has another cold now, though...



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Hi Bree - Her coughing up phlegm, even though she lost her meal, is a good thing. You want it out of there and it sounds like the treatment is working. Anytime you have a concern or need reassurance about your newborn, especially a sick newborn, call your doc - even on the weekend or at night.


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The virus is going to have to run its course... maybe another 3 days. With her throwing up the phlyem, thats a great sign. Your machine is working for you. Also you can give her a nice warm bath with vapor bath from Johnson and Johnson. I believe its the blue bottle. And if you want rub some vicks babyrub on her chest and back. It will help to open up her airways and let her sleep good. :)



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Sounds like the medicine is working. But if you have any questions call the doctor. That's what they are there for. Illness in babies can change quickly so err on the side of caution. RSV is a very serious respitory illness and often doesn't have fever (my son is currently batteling that one) and it takes all most three weeks to get over.
Keep giving her the meds and watch for changes. You may try putting her in the bathroom while your showering the steam can help loosen some of that goo. Just be sure to call the dr office if you have any questions.
Best wishes and I hope she feels better soon

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