Newborn Baby Boy (2 Weeks Old) Belly Button Bleeding and Baby Wipes.

Updated on November 08, 2010
B.C. asks from Miami Beach, FL
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hello Moms, i have a follow up appt with a pediatrician this Tuesday, but in a meantime i wanted to know if any of you Moms have exprerienced some slight bleeding from a belly button? the belly button looked great as of this morning, so strange after i have commented on it i have noticed some dark blood spot around it. I have put a bandage on it and stopped using alcohol. Any advise would be greatly appriciated. In addition how long until i could use regular baby wipes instead of those water base wipes from the hospital? thank you You Fabulous Moms.

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answers from Austin on

I am a midwife. Do not put alcohol on the belly button. This delays the healing process. Just keep it clean and dry.


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answers from Columbia on

My sons bellybutton bled occasionally it would get tugged a little by getting dressed or the way I held him. If you can see a specific spot that is open try not to use the alcohol there and I would take a little q tip and put vaseline in that one spot to prevent any germs and let him go without a shirt. It is ok though, lol I remember freaking out and calling the dr. Congrats on the new baby. Enjoy it, time flys way too quickly

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answers from Victoria on

first, the belly button needs air to heal and dry out. The alcohol helps with that by drying it out & killing germs. so I would contineu to swipe after each diaper change until no bleeding. As for the wipes, i was using regular wipes the day i went home...Not sure about water based ones from hospital. hope this helps...

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answers from Denver on

This is not totally unusual and you need to continue the alcohol and no bandage. The goal is to get it to totally dry up and keeping it closed in a bandage will slow the process. Also be sure to smell it and make sure there is not foul odor which would indicate an infection. This would require that you go to the Urgent Care to get it taken care of.

As far as baby wipes, I have used regular baby wipes since birth on all three of my kids and had no problems. I do use Huggies Sensitive wipes, but that is for me mostly because I have a serious sensitivity to wipes and lanolin in general but other than that, my kids have never had a problem with regular wipes.

Good luck to you!

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answers from Redding on

My son's belly button bled a bit and his doctor lit a thing that looked like a long fireplace match and cauterized it. My son didn't even cry. His belly button healed up by the next day.
I didn't use baby wipes on either of my newborns. I used soft wash rags which I bought by the millions or had made for me out of soft cotton. Yes, a pain to wash them, but no diaper rash with warm rags.
I only ever used baby wipes for travel until my son was older.

I don't know that you should keep the belly button bandaged and quit using alcohol. It's all about drying the belly button bud up. Let it get as much air as possible until you can see the doctor. Sponge bathe and don't get it more wet.

Best wishes.

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answers from Los Angeles on

i would say its normal. it may have been snagged on the babies clothes. i would pour a little alcohol on my daughters and rub around the base with a q tip and then blot the rest off. as for the wipes break them out. my daughter has used regular wipes since day one.

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answers from Miami on

Yes, bleeding can happen. The belly button on my first born began bleeding and I rushed her to the pediatrician only to be told that her belly button was fine...just needed to be extra cleaned. With that said, you need to resume the alcohol on her belly button. There is no other way to dry it up and get it to fall off sooner. You need to lift up the belly "stump" and clean it under neath with a Q-Tip (it may be goopy and very gross looking but it needs to be done) and douse that belly button, being sure to lift up the cord stump to get alcohol under the stump. Do this at every diaper change and be certain you do not get it wet such as at bathing time.

As for the baby wipes, you can use any kind of baby wipe you desire as long as baby isn't allergic to them.

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answers from Sarasota on

My kids' belly buttons would bleed when they got bumped, especially as the stump got dry and ready to fall off--just like a scab. Don't put anything on it--just let it air as much as possible!

Also, I used the cotton make-up removing squares dipped in water until the mess just got too big for them! Then I switched to Huggies Natural Care unscented.

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answers from Tampa on

I'm not too sure you want to cover it up. I remember with my baby boy, the ped. said to let it breathe and we had to fold the diaper down for it to dry out. Otherwise, you can have bacterial growth with the moisture from a bandage and using a little alcohol is the only way to clean it out and disinfect it. We used cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol. It will take time, some more than others and your pediatrician will have the best advice you receive.

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answers from Boston on

using alcohol on the belly button is old and out dated. Just leave it alone and uncovered.

As for wipes you can use the regular ones now but I like another mom already mentioned used cloth wipes. My little guy broke out from everything.

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answers from Miami on

My daughter's belly button bled too. I kept putting alcohol to clean it up until I could get to the doctor. Then they used some gray medicine on it and said I wouldn't have to use alcohol anymore. She was fine after that. Also I used regular wipes as soon as I got home but I used unscented. Hope this helps!

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