New Tooth Coming in Before Baby Tooth Has Fallen Out

Updated on August 03, 2010
D.W. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My 7-year-old has a new tooth coming in, but the baby tooth in that same spot hasn't fallen out yet -- it's one of her top incisors if that makes a difference. The baby tooth is loose, so I'm inclined to think it will just fall out on its own in the next couple of weeks, but my husband wants to bring her in to the dentist to have the baby tooth pulled "so she doesn't end up with a snaggletooth," as he put it. She does okay with the dentist, but I'm pretty sure they'd have to give her novocaine or laughing gas to pull the tooth as she complains if we so much as pull gently on it. Of course, that gets expensive! I'm happy to spend the money if it's necessary for her dental health, but I'd rather spare us the expense and the ordeal if we can just wait for the baby tooth to fall out on its own. Any experiences to share?

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answers from Madison on

My daughter has lost her two bottom front teeth so far. Both of her permanent teeth were coming in behind before the baby teeth fell out. After the baby teeth fell out her permanent teeth moved forward into place.

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answers from Detroit on

I'm so glad you asked this question as it's happening to my 7 year old right now. I'm glad it will resolve itself :)


answers from Houston on

thats happening to my daughter right now, shes on her third tooth, happened all three times, pretty normal i guess.

I remember when i was a kid id make sure to force the other one out.



answers from Houston on

We just went through this with our 6 year old daughter. It was her first loose tooth and the permanent tooth came in completely behind the baby tooth (front bottom). Finally the baby tooth fell out and the permanent tooth has moved foward into the baby tooth's spot. Now the same exact thing is happening with the tooth right next to that one.

Good luck,



answers from Dallas on

Save your money and let her new tooth do the work. It will push the baby tooth out on it's own, that new tooth is not going to shoot right through the gums, it takes TIME before it's done coming through and it will push that baby tooth out. This has happened too many times with my daughter, she always noticed when she got a wiggly tooth, she could see the new one starting to come through, it scared me too a little at first but usually within a couple of days, the baby tooth was out.

Good luck and don't make this a visit to the dentist. I would imagine they won't even do the procedure on her since this is so common and they know it's normal for permanent teeth to show even with a baby tooth still in there.

Take care



answers from Casper on

It all depends on the location of the new tooth in relation to the baby tooth. My son has had to have a couple of teeth pulled because the new tooth was actually coming in so that it would push the baby tooth out at all (behind the baby teeth). We had 2 pulled and the permenant teeth actually moved up into the space nicely. If you don't have to spend the money then don't, but look at where they are coming in and see, you may just want to go and have it pulled.



answers from Colorado Springs on

We've had that with several of our children. With the first, we did the dentist route. They had to completely sedate him. WIth the others, we had different dentists, and none of them suggested going that route. They all said that it will be fine when the teeth come in. Sure enough. You'd never know that they had "shark teeth" as we called them. My kids were blessed with my husband's teeth, they are lined up just right.



answers from Minneapolis on

It is pretty normal and common for the new tooth to be coming in before the old one it out...i believe it is called a shark tooth...let it work its way out, but watch for when it gets pretty loose and the new one is almost grown in. it gets hard to brush the new one with the old one in the way...when ready,have your daughter pull out on her own or you may need to intervene...if the old one is not getting loose, then proceed to dentist. but for now, save your money!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

"Shark teeth" are fairly common! My sons bottom two teeth came in behind the baby teeth and they worked their way forward & into place after the baby teeth came out. I wouldn't worry about it--especially on the bottom. You could have it looked at though.



answers from Minneapolis on

This happened to my son. We took him to the dentist who just laughed at my 'worried mother response' to this as it is VERY normal for this to happen. He told us that the new tooth would push the old one out and even if the new tooth was coming in ahead of or behind the old one, once the old one was out, the new one would slide right into place. Furthermore, we were told that -- even if we asked him to -- they wouldn't pull the old tooth.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

It wouldn't hurt to have the dentist at least take a look and make sure everything is going ok. That tooth wont necessarily leave on its own. My dad had a baby tooth behind a adult tooth for over 30 years before having it pulled because of complications. No one could see it so he never had it out.



answers from Jacksonville on

My eight year old daughter had the same problem. I just let the new tooth push the old one out and she is fine. However, the reason I did this was because my oldest had the same problem too and I took her to the dentist and he told me to let it run its course. So I would ask your dentist too, but call first so that you don't waste the money on a visit you may not need. Hope this helps.



answers from St. Cloud on

My son had this with 3 of the 4 teeth he has lost so far. It's so aggravating! :) I was SO worried that his permanent teeth would be crooked as a result but the teeth *did* eventually come out and the permanent teeth grew in beautifully!

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