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Updated on October 07, 2009
M.P. asks from Killeen, TX
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I need some advice and help around the area. My husband is in the army and we have only been in texas for about a week. Our house on post will not be ready for another month and my daughter and i are stuck in a motel!!! CABIN FEVER!! I am stressing about the army, I have no idea how any of it works and can't seem to get any answers!! If anyone has been in my situation before, I'd like to know how you made it.

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answers from Killeen on

Hi M.!
Sorry this response is so late. Welcome to the Army. It sucks to be the new person but you can get through it. I wanted to tell you to get involved with your FRG (Family Readiness Group). They can give you a lot of resources. I'm not sure what your husband's rank is but if you can try to buy a CHEAP car. One that can get you from point A to Point B. If that's not an option. You could also share your one car with your spouse. You take him to work and pick him up 2 or 3 days out of the week. That way you're not stuck in the house, you can get out and buy food, go to a mommy and me type of class so your daughter can hang out with other little kids, etc., etc. Also go to the ACS (Army Community Services). They can help you with learning a lot about the Army. There are different classes that they give (with free child care) to help spouses cope with the military lifestyle. ACS could also help you find a job. But your best bet is to start with your (FRG) Family Readiness Group. Ask your husband to find out who your FRG leader is. He can ask his section Sergeant or his senior NCO. The FRG will contact you and make this transition into the Army a little easier. One more thing that I thought of, you are also allow to contact a chaplain. They can also help you with being stressed as well as other resources. I hope this helps.



answers from Killeen on

I've been exactly where you are! My husband has been in the Army almost 8 yrs, this is our 3rd duty station. My daughters are 5 and 3. If you need to talk, vent, or just have questions, e-mail me at or find me on myspace or facebook with that e-mail address! You might think about joining a group online for Army wives here at Ft. Hood. There are lots on myspace and yahoo groups as well. There are a few on cafemom as well (I have an account there as well)
Just know that you will get through this! Hang in there!


answers from Killeen on

Hi there and welcome to Texas! And the Army. I'll say right now, it's gonna be an interesting ride.

I don't say that to scare you, but to try and help prepare you for the road you're now on. Being a military spouse is a tough job, and you wear many more hats than you could ever imagine.

I've been doing this myself for 12 years now, and to be honest, sometimes I find myself confused as well. Your husband should be helping you make the transition, and better understand the military lifestyle. But always remember, when in doubt, ask questions. A lot of us wives have been kicking this dirt for many years, and are more than happy to lend a helping hand, or ear, should the need arise. We've all been there. We've all looked at this sea of uniforms, regulations, huge posts and thought, "What did I just get myself into?! HELP!"

So if you have questions, feel free to ask! I'll be more than happy to answer. As would other ladies I'm sure. :)

I'm going to assume you're stuck here at Hood. Me too. Been here since 2000 myself, and sometimes I still find myself asking, "What is there to do?!" Not often mind you (I'm kind of a hermit), but I do still ask it.

As mentioned, there's many parks, a pretty good library, the mall, and I believe the new youth center down on Vetrans' opened up recently. It's supposed to be awesome. Don't quote me on that though.

Now, for the army, a good source of information for this area is the Ft. Hood website. There's a lot of great information there for newcomers, area info, MWR events, you name it. You can also find unit information there, if you want to get a better feel for your hubbys' command, and history of the unit.

Having one car sucks. I know that pain as well. When the weather clears up (it's kind of the 'winter' rainy season right now), it'll be easier since you'll be able to walk to places like the park. But I suggest for now, hobbies. LOTS of hobbies. Arts and crafts, reading, finger painting (I believe you're never to old for that), and even video games if you're so inclined.

I'll admit, I learned to play Warcraft just to have something to do during the 'boring times'.

I'm going to cut this short (Ha!), it's really early, and it's time to get the kids up for school. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I'll send you my facebook info if you like (not comfy publishing it), and if you need an ear, just know there's lots that are willing to listen.

Good luck!




answers from Killeen on

Welcome to the area.

Considering I dont know what hotel you are in - I cant be of too much help - but I can tell you the HOP cost about a dollar for you to travel through the town.
There is a Library off of WS Young and on off of 8th or Gray downtown.
the Mall is right off the highway and the hop takes you there as well.
If you are looking for a place to enter your daughter in school - the CTC Child Development Center is a wonderful place - ###-###-#### - give them a call and ask how long their waiting list is.
There are parks all over Killeen - My preference in the one by the softball complex on WS Young - they have a wonderful walking track and a playground your daughter can play at as well.
CTC also has a duck pond you can take your daughter to just to get out.
Good luck and I hope you enjoy the area.... Once you get out - you will find more things to entertain both yourself and your daughter!

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