New to Spring Area - Looking for Providers

Updated on July 11, 2006
D.G. asks from Spring, TX
5 answers

I am looking for recommended providers for electric, gas, phone, internet, cable - coming from a small town where there weren't too many choices, it is a bit overwhelming!

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answers from Houston on

Hello D.,

We live about 15 minutes apart. I was new last September after getting booted here by hurricane Katrina.

Anyway, your realtor should have provided you with some options. Ours gave us a little booklet with info.

Here: we use Centerpoint (for gas), Entergy (for electric), Cox (for cable, internet, phone).

We're about to move to our new home in Conroe (just north of where you are) in a few weeks and are able to just transfer our service.

Best of luck!

E.--mom of 2

Moms make selling, no inventory, NO RISK!



answers from Houston on

Hi D.! I to am new to the area. All I can do is share the info I found and let you know who I chose. For phone service I chose SBC because they bundled my internet, phone and Dish together for a great price. I chose TXU for energy because their rates were standard for the area and they did not charge a cancellation fee if you change your mind and want another provider.



answers from Houston on

Welcome to the area! It looks like we are all on the same page. I too use SBC/ATT phone and internet services. The only thing I differ from is I have DirecTV (time warner does not service all areas I try every year). I also use TXU for electric provider. There is a website that contains comparisons to Reliant, but TXU was not listed and it was cheaper. Mayor White recommended the site, so it should be on a city page or you can google for info. Good luck!




answers from Houston on

Time warner cable does internet, cable and digitle phone is some areas. I use them for cable and for the internet. They haven't set up the phones in our area yet. I am in a newer subdivision. As far as a gas company I belive the only one is Center point. There are several diferent electric companies and I recomend that you check around and make sure that you don't have to sign any contracts. I am using dynowatt. So far so good.




answers from Houston on

We use Time Warner for basic cable (not big tv watchers.
SBC or ATT (combined now) is our telephone and high-speed internet provider although you could do all three of these; cable, phone, internet through time warner if they are having a good deal for new customers. It's usually worth it to combine. We don't use satellite cablew because we have too many trees living in The Woodlands. Hope this helps!

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