New Stay Home Mom, Seeking Advice from Seasoned Stay Home Moms.

Updated on May 24, 2008
N.D. asks from Daly City, CA
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Hi Moms, I have put my two week notice at work and have decided to stay home with my 2 year old son. I am in shock! I think it is because I am not home with him yet. I am in stock in a good way, I thought I could use some support from moms in Daly City who feel they got a pretty good routine going and would like to share some pointers. I have an idea of how we should spend our days, but would love to hear from you to get ideas in general. I should add, we moved here five years ago and do not have any extended family or many contacts other then from work. We are not members of a church or any organizations that would easily connect us to the community. Now is our chance to set roots and make the bay area our home. I am thinking about joining a mothers club, any other tips or moms with a relatable story?

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answers from San Francisco on

You might want to look into a co-op parent center. I am a bit south of you, but we have Little Wonders and Little Hands here and it was a great way to meet other parents and kids. Those programs start at 9 months and go until the kids are ready for pre-school.

Definitely join a mother's club. It's great to have contacts in the community.



answers from San Francisco on

I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years. I think it is a great idea to join a mothers club. I belong to the one in Pacifica, and I love the playgroup activities, and the chance to hang out with other moms.

Another great idea that is helpful to your child is going to the Library for storytimes. In Pacifica, there are two libraries, so you get a chance a few times a week to go.

I know that the Gellert library has one. I think that Westlake library has some too. The great thing about it is that is totally free.

Good luck,
Stay at home mom to my daughters, 7 and twins 2.
Good luck



answers from San Francisco on

First, congrats are making the choice to stay home. If even for a few years, these early years are so formative. Another way to meet moms is at the playgrounds. Try a few out and see who comes. I am in SF and City College's Children Development classes are great spots to chat with others while the children play. Our SF Parks have Tiny Tot programs. Your two year old will enjoy that while the baby naps!



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weekly story-time at your local library - if DC doesn't have one for 2yo - San Bruno does. Get a zoo membership.

Enjoy your son - they grow too fast...



answers from San Francisco on

Hi N.,
I am also a SAHM and joined the Mothers Club here in San Bruno. It has been wonderful. I have the support of a wonderful group of moms and there are lots of playgroups and outings for my 15 month old son to participate in and make friends his age. I highly recommend joining one - you don't need to live in the city the club is in.

Also, in Daly City, Fridays 10:30 - 2pm there is open play called Kinder Gym at Pacelli Gym, 145 Lake Merced Blvd., Daly City. My son loved it! They have all sorts of mats & things for the little ones to climb on, plus balls and ride on toys and slides - even a bounce house - and it's only $4. I think they have it on Wednesdays, too. Another great way to meet local SAHMs.

It is so great to be home with the little one, but it's a lot of work. Just be sure to get out of the house! And also be sure to get some time to yourself in the evenings or weekends when you can. One thing about joining a Mothers Club is the babysitting co-op, since you don't have family nearby. Members trade off babysitting time.
Good luck and enjoy this special time!

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