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Updated on May 03, 2010
S.C. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I recently decided to quit my job and stay at home with the kids. I carried insurance for the family and now we have none. The children qualify for chips my husband and I were going to do buy private insurance for ourselves. Great plan but one problem has came up. I may be pregnant and I havent found a private insurance that covers maternity. My OBGYN doesnt accept any form of medicaid so perinatal chips is an option but my last one because I want to stay with the same doctor. Let me rephrase I HAVE TO stay with the same dr. I have had to many issues and 2 difficult pregnancies. Any suggestions tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

I was going to ask another question but I'm so confussed with my feeling right now all I can do is answer. I had a miscarriage. I went to the DR and she confirmed what I already new but added bad news to it. I feel.....tons of different emotions, guilt, relief, sadness, hurt, upset, angry, stupid. To name a few. Here I am worried about money and insurance and not really thinking about the potential life I was carrying. I have a DNC on Friday and I may ask a question about it later, but I'm too messed right now to deal with anything. Why?

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I am so sorry to hear that about the baby.
Regarding your insurance when you do get ready to buy insurance contact Glenn Bates he is listed on Mammasource as Covenant Health & Life. He has many positive reviews of moms that he has assisted in giving them better or less expensive coverage. He is my agent and does a GREAT job. Here is his number if you want to call ###-###-####. Hope this helps!!


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Unfortunately it's legal for insurance companies to say pregnancy is a pre-existing condition and therefore not cover your pregnancy or anything pertaining to it. Quite honestly I don't know of an insurance company that does accept pregnant women -and cover the pregnancy. Maybe someone on here will know of one, but you may have to use Medicaid.



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Avon. They offer group insurance to active consultants and by active i mean a sale in any amount 2 times a month.



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Call your Dr.s office and the hospital. They have special pricing for people w/o insurance and who are paying cash. I did this with my first. It was So much cheaper than having insurance that covered pregnancies. The earlier you pay, the cheaper it is for the hospitals. My hospital went by trimesters, if you paid by the first trimester it was cheaper than if you waited until the third. The Dr. was just one flat fee. around $2000 and the hospital was around $1500. An epidural was $400. Not bad, considering insurance that covers pregnancies was around $900.00 a month.



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do you have an option to stay on the cobra insurance from your job? I know it is expensive, but they might have to cover your pregnancy?? ask around to see if you are still eligible. good luck



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If your children qualify for Chips then you and your baby probably would be eligible for coverage too. Have you checked? I understand you want to stay with your same doctor, but you may not be able to, if you don't buy the other insurance or pay out of pocket.



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We used to be in the insurance business and you probably will not find an insurer who will cover you. Sorry, I do not know of any who will do it. Ask your doctor if she will work out a deal with you and also contact the hospital where you plan to deliver. Chances are they will and the cost may not be much different than the cost of health care. Because you have had issues and two difficult pregnancies you are even less insurable. I wish I had a better answer for you. Changing doctors may be your only option.



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If you are pregnant there are a lot of doctors that take medicaid, you have to be currently pregnant.
we recently got medicaid and the problem is that unless you are under 18 or pregnant there are not many doctors that will take it.
I need a specialist and can not find one, it's getting to be a big problem

I was on the phone with the medicaid people for an hour and she gave me a two page list of general family care and ob gyn so I was able to get an appointment for my teenage daughter but I am out in the cold.
I called all of them and no one wants to take medicaid.



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My husband and I are self-insured and were at the time that I was pregnant with each of my children. We looked into the cost of maternity coverage prior to getting pregnant with our first child (who is now 4). Things may have changed, but at that time you had to have the coverage for 9 months before you could get pregnant and at a cost of a minimum of $300 a month for maternity coverage, we figured it was cheaper to pay for my pre-natal care, labor, and delivery out of pocket. We discovered that every provider would give us a discount for paying cash. With our second child, we discovered that the by paying cash prior to actually going to the hospital for the delivery, our bill was 1/3 to 1/2 of what it would have been because we had paid in advance. The only caveat to that is if you have anything come up during labor that will require something other than traditional delivery. If you know it's coming, I suppose you could make arrangements with the hospital to pay for that in advance as well. In the long run, we saved money by paying for everything with cash rather than the maternity insurance.

Good luck!



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you can not get private maternity coverage in the state of texas. Just doesn't happen. I don't know if it's illegal or what but you CANNOT get it. Sounds to me like your options are cobra, cash, or medicaid. My sister's maternity was too expensive so they opted for cash. They paid upfront and the hospital gave them a lot off but it was still around $10,000. You might want to talk with your dr. and hospital to see what kind of cost you are looking at. I know switching dr can be scary. I had to do that in the middle of a pregnancy because of a move. Maybe you can ask your dr. for a referal? Of couse i would also go ahead and get insurance for you so that if anything happens to you your insurance may cover that. Blue cross blue shield has some good private plans. We have also used unicare.



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Cover yourself through COBRA.

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