New Puppy Not Eating...

Updated on August 09, 2007
M.C. asks from Martinez, CA
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Yesterday we added a 9-10 week old female Beagle to our household. she seems to be adjusting well to us and is very loving, but she wont eat or drink anything. the last time she ate was yesterday evening. im wondering if this is normal or if I should be worried. well, I am worried. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Hey everyone, SHE'S EATING! I held her and she is eating great. I will take her to the vet and get the shots this week. Thanks for the help guys. take care.

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She is scared. She was taken from her mother and is to young to understand. When we got our two pups, I had to sit with them on the floor with them in my lap and hand feed them the first time. Speaking to them in a low comforting tone, tell them that they are safe and well and will be taken care of. They will not understand your words but they will understand the comfort. The second day I put the bowl in front of my legs and placed them directly in front of me by the bowl and coaxed them to the food. They both eventually ate. If the dogs refuses to eat after two days call a vet and get some advice. At this point anything could be wrong. Was the pup just with it's mother and siblings or from a pet shop. If from a pet shop the pup could be sick. Try the love and coaxing first, watch for signs that the food isn't agreeing with him. Call a vet if the dog doesn't start eating by tomorrow. Good luck.


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Beagles are very prone to intestinal parasites (worms). Sometimes it takes several treatments for them to pass (spaghetti poop). If they are infected they get very little good from what they eat or may not eat at all. It is also possible that your pup need a little time to adjust to the new home. You might want to find out the type of food your breeder was using. Never the less ,if you puppy seems happy and healthy do not worry.......pups like kids will eat when they get hungry.



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I don't know anything about puppies- but I would either be syringing water into its mouth or putting a bit of water on my palm to see if the puppy would lick it up... slowly lowering it into the water bowl to see if the puppy would then go and lap up the water from the bowl.



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Congrats on your new addition. It is typical if the puppy gets a little upset and doesn't eat or drink, but she should start eating and drinking something soon, or she will get dehydrated and can die. I'm not sure where you got her or what you were told, but put some water in her dry dog food and let it soak up, add a couple little bits of hot dog or wet dog food to it. If need be feed her hot dogs by hand in small pieces. It takes time to adjust to her new environment. If she doesn't start eating any of that, take her to your vet and have her checked.




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No! a 9-10 week old puppy is like a 3month old infant. They should be eating 4-5 small meals a day! If your puppy is not eating, she need to be seen by a vet. Has she been drinking water? She may be dehydrated already if not. As a vet tech, I urge you to set up an appointment ASAP for your puppy.



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This is not normal. I was a vet hosptial mgr until I became a mom. If the puppy has only had breeder shots take her to a vet and have them done again asap. ALL puppies are born needing to be dewormed at least 3 times. She may just have a parasite that is stopping her appetite. Better to be safe than sorry. The parvo season is upon us. So just be on the safe side. Good luck :)~ I love beagle pups.




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I don't know if the ppl from these other responses have ever owned a pet but a puppy that young and that breed doesn't get very large it is normal for smaller breeds to not eat as much especially if you are giving her hard/soft dog food because they have been drinking milk it will fill their little tummies faster. If you show it where the food/water bowl is she will eat when she is hungry. You should know if it is ness. to see a vet when she isn't using the bathroom at all after going long periods without eating.



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Hi M., I have 2 beagles, and I love , love , love them!! Did I mention that I loved them? One of our dogs was like that she was around 9 weeks old when we got her, she would not eat or drink, I took her to the vet and she had tonsillitis. They put her on antibiotics and almost 5 years later she is at a whopping 45lbs, which may I add is way too big for a beagle, so we are on a diet!!! Good luck!



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yes be worried take the puppy to the vet not eating may just be stress but it can also be a sign of several major illnesses in dogs .

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