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Updated on December 18, 2010
T.F. asks from Troy, KS
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I have a question about this pregnancy. I just took a test on Wednesday that was positive. This will be my 4th child. My question is this, I found out so early, (3 days b/4 my missed period). I have not being feeling very well, like pretty crampy and even before I knew that I was pregnant I was crampy like I was going to start my period early. So, other than the morning sickness and sore breasts, I was shocked to see that the test was positive. Anyway, I started bleeding last night, not enough to have to wear a pad, just like when you wipe (sorry if that is too much info).... I don't really know what to do. This will be my 4th child. I have a 5, 4, and 1 1/2 year old. When I was pregnant w/my son, I started bleeding too, before I even had a chance to get the pregnancy confirmed at the doctor. I actually thought that I had miscarried and was trying to find an OB that would take on a new patient. I have already had one miscarriage b/4 my oldest was born, I was 12 weeks along at that point though and had to have a D&C. I haven't been able to get to the doctor yet b/c of the Thanksgiving holiday, they are closed. I plan on going to the doctor on Tuesday, but what should I go for? I originally was going to get the pregnancy confirmed, but now, if I am in the process of miscarrying then I probably shouldn't do that. With it being this early, they wouldn't be able to hear a heartbeat anyway at the doctors office. I am not going to go to the hospital today or this weekend, b/c most likely if I am miscarrying then it is new enough that i will probably just do it on my own right? Just need some advice on what I should do. I don't want to say that I am okay w/whatever happens, b/c of course I am bothered by this, but i also know that God has a plan for everyone and he has already blessed me with 3 beautiful babies. I am just trying to keep a level head about this. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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answers from Chicago on

Sorry you are going through this. Keep you appointment either way. If it is a miscarriage they will do blood work and an exam to make sure your body does what its supposed to naturally and you don't need a d&c. There are plenty of pregnancies where bleeding happens and the women goes on to have a healthy baby. You just need to go in and see what happens. If you have severe bleeding or pain go to the ER and don't wait til Tuesday as it could be an ectopic or other complication. Hugs, I wish you the best!

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answers from Dallas on

I have to disagree, with the suggestion of implantation bleeding. If you were just now implanting, you wouldn't be getting a positive test, yet. If you had taken a blood test, it *might* be early enough for a positive. Not a home urine test, though. Keep in mind, every pregnancy is different, and light bleeding and cramping is not uncommon this early on. You could have a perfectly normal, viable pregnancy. Keep your appointment and if you being to have bad pain and heavy bleeding, head to the ER. Don't miss that Tuesday appointment, though...either way.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi, Congrats on your new pregnancy.---it sounds like it is implantation bleeding to me-- take it easy and try not to worry. I would go to the ob dr and get the pregnancy confirmed. If you were to be miscarrying, you most likely would be able to do it on your own without assistance. Good luck and try not to worry!

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answers from Spokane on

IF you miscarry, this early will be able to be done at home realtively easily. I have miscarried 4 times, twice was early and done at home with some IB profen and a day in bed (and in the bathroom). Once was at 10 weeks and the pain was so horrendous I ended up in the ER, and the last was at 12 weeks and I had a D&C the day I started bleeding (we already had two ultrasounds confirming the baby had died). The hardest part of miscarraige is the emotional upheaval, as you already know. You are right though, that God certainly had my life planned out better than I did, and the two wonderful children I have are more than I could ask for for a lifetime of happiness! Just go with it, go to your appointment, and do the bloodwork to see where your HCG levels are - it will all sort out in the end.

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answers from St. Louis on

Some women "spot" very early in their pregnancies as the baby implants itself into the uterine wall - I have read that this is normal.



answers from San Antonio on

Go in on Tuesday...and let them do blood work...they will confirm the pregnancy with a urine test...but the blood test will give them a hcg number to work with...and then if they repeat the blood test in 2 to 3 days, they can see if it is going up...viable pregnancy or not then you are miscarrying or have an etopic.

I have been pregnant 8 times...miscarried 6 of those (heavy period like bleeding with severe cramping that sent me to the ER was the norm for a miscarriage...once I hemorrhaged and needed an emergency d&c, but that was very obvious with the heavy heavy bleeding.)

Both pregnancies I carried to term I kept thinking I was going to start my period any second with some cramping and PMS is the period like bleeding that always signaled the miscarriage, not just spotting.

Sending you a big HUG!!



answers from Huntington on

I am a midwife. I also have 7 children & have had 2 miscarriages, both at 12 weeks. I, personally, would not go to a doc, esp. this early, but that's just me. It could just be implantation bleeding, but probably not, since the preg test was already pos. All a doc would do is an US, which I remain unconvinced is safe in early preg. When bleeding occurs, ad the baby is healthy, it could be low progesterone levels, so you might want the doc to check that. If you are miscarrying, the baby is usually dead, before bleeding or cramping starts, so if there is a <3 beat, this will probably pass. One of my pregnancies, I cramped the whole 1st month, I was sure I was going to mc, but never did, went on to have a healthy baby 8 months later. I did eventually go in for an US that time, 'cause I just couldn't figure out myself what was happening, but it wasn't until several months later, when US might be safer for baby.
When I had my mc's, I stayed home for both, except for the 1st one, I bled heavily afterwards, and ended up transporting for a D&C as it turned out to be a molar pregnancy, not a baby at all! The 2nd time, it was uneventful, I invited a midwife friend to help me through the ctx, & after a few hours passed a clot containing the embryo. It had grown only to a 5 wk size, even though I was 12 wks, so we figured it had already been dead for 7 wks, before I had any sx. The girls decorated a shoe box while the boys dug a hole, while I got cleaned up & dressed. Then we had a funeral procession into the back yard, said some prayers, sang a hymn and buried the baby along side where it's brothers & sisters placentas had been/would be buried.


answers from Kansas City on

Julianna said it perfect. if it is a miscarriage, there is just nothing you can do to stop it. It is just natures way of realizing that things werent getting put together right.

however, you are early on, so it could very well just be bleeding from implanting, it could have been twins and one is miscarrying and one is fine, it could be a cervical infection. There is a number of things that cause you to bleed. Keep an eye on it, if it gets heavy enough to be a period, than wait until a week later and test again. If it gets REALLY heavy and you soak through a pad or tampon in an hour, than you need to get to the hosp.


answers from Nashville on

I am 9 wks and 5 days and ever since i found out i was pregnant every now and then when i go to the bathroom and i will wipe there will be alittle pink blood there. I called the nurse and she said as long as your not cramping and dont have bright red blood and dont feel up a half a cup with blood then you will be fine she thinks i may be dehydrated or strained my self. But i go wed. for my first ultra sound. Since i have no cramping and the bleeding is every now and then and its pink im not to worry about it since they say its common to have in early pregnancy. Try not to think to much about it and try not to get to stress that can make it worse. Good luck. And let us know what you find out.



answers from Los Angeles on

Please don't buy into the misinformation that an early ultrasound will harm your baby. There is absolutely no evidence of that. Women who get pregnant through IVF have vaginal ultrasounds at 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks before they are released to their OB's. What this does is confirms the appropriate development of a pregnancy early, allows for early interventions in some cases and spares a woman the agony of going to her doctor at 9 or 10 weeks only to find out then that her baby has no heartbeat or died at 5 or 6 weeks. There is no need to wait it out. Insist on an ultrasound for your own peace of mind. Also, miscarrying on your own poses the risk that not everything is expelled causing complications and a need for a D&C later. A D&C, if done by a great doctor, will leave your uterus healthy. Now, after all that I've said, it actually sounds like your in the early stages of a healthy pregnancy (lots of women spot and cramp) and that is my sincerest wish for you.



answers from St. Louis on

go to the doctor....they will test you thru blood & urine to determine your status. It's always better to seek medical treatment, rather than diagnosing yourself.



answers from Kansas City on

I have 3 children and had one miscarriage. When I had my miscarriage, I was told that once a miscarriage starts there isn't anything you can do to stop it. So I would just keep an eye on any bleeding. If it gets too heavy, especially if it gets to the point where you are soaking more than a pad an hour, go in to the hospital. I didn't think it was possible to bleed that heavy until I did with my miscarriage. Otherwise I would continue with your plan to see a doctor on Tuesday and see what they can confirm and what they advise you. Good luck.

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