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Updated on May 15, 2007
H.Q. asks from Palatine, IL
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My family just moved here from Minneapolis. We live in downtown Palatine. I am a SAHM with an 8 month and 30 month old girls. I would like to meet other mothers in the area as I don't know anyone in town. Would you like to meet? Do you have suggestions where I could meet other mothers?

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answers from Chicago on

hi there. youre not too far from me, I live in Great Lakes. Anyway, I met one of my good friends through a site called there are lots of cool people on that place. Good luck. take care




answers from Chicago on

Here's a couple of moms' groups I know of that are in your area:

Suburban Chicago Mom's meetup:

This is a more generalized group for the northern/northwest suburbs of Chicago. This is an active bulletin board online, with some gatherings that move around to different play places throughout the suburbs. We usually meet at Pretend Playground in Mundelein once a month, for example.

Parents Who Care:

Another group centered around the Hoffman Estates/Schaumburg area and spreading out from there. This group offers an awesome Summer Camp and lots of other activities that make it well worth joining. They are a great bunch of people. This group is well-organized with a board and budget, and they hold fundraisers and resale events during the year too.

Also, the other post mentioned the Palatine Moms' Meetup group - I've met a couple of the moms in that one and have heard it is great!



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You could check and see where the closest MOPs group is--mothers of preschoolers. I belong to the one in Barrington, my cousin belongs to the one in Lake Zurich. I know they are all over, so check their website. Also you can check with your local church. Our church has a moms group and there are people that are not members of our church or of different faiths--no one cares, we are all mothers.



answers from Chicago on

I've been a downtown Palatine resident for seven years and my two (b+g)are the same age as the 30 month old of your girls.
I have been and currently am a sAHM. I go to local parks here and in Arlington Heights and also enroll my kids in an early childhood learning program that will stop for the summer.

I'm looking for meet up times and places with other moms, also.
I'd like to meet.



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I highly recommend getting involved with Palatine Moms ( They are a wonderful group of moms and offer a variety of events.

Good Luck and welcome to the area!



answers from Chicago on

My son is 21 months old ... we live about 1/2 mile from downtown Palatine. I have lived here 8 years (after moving from Florida) and STILL try to meet new moms, etc. Have you joined a church? daycare? That may help ... feel free to email me if you would like to chat!
[email protected]


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