New Neighbor Welcome Basket

Updated on July 31, 2011
M.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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We have a new neighbor moving in yet again (it's a rental property).
I would like to leave a small welcome basket.
What would YOU put into it?
I can't spend to much money but let's say $20 tops.
(Oh and I don't really want to put in a scented lotions since not everyone is a fan or they get too many anyway.).
Thanks for the help.

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answers from Dallas on

I would just bake some cookies. We got some and it was wonderful! (avoid any nuts.) We don't drink at all, so it was always strange getting wine. We never knew what to do with it. Just a thought.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi mama-

I would make a nice loaf of bread (to represent food)...a bottle of wine (to represent joy)...and some gormet salt (to wish their lives always have flavor)...

I think this is from 'It's a Wonderful Life'...but a NICE gesture that I have used over the years for folks new to a home.

Best Luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

When I moved to my new place, a bunch of the neighbors brought cookies - probably about $5 total - if that. Oh my goodness, I appreciated it so much. And we rent :) It made me feel SO welcome!

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answers from Austin on

May I also add.. a list of the neighbors names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.. I also like to give a collection of the menus from places that deliver to their addresses and maybe a gift card with money collected from all of the neighbors.. to one of our favorite neighborhood hang outs..

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answers from Orlando on

Oh my gosh...what a nice gesture. Maybe some crackers, salad dressing, maybe a bottle of premade lemonade, box of nice cookies, maybe a little container of nuts and a couple kids toys like hot wheels if they have kids.

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answers from Clarksville on

If it is someone new to the area I would get a phone book and map for them with maybe some baked goods. I always wished someone would have done that for me because it would take me forever to locate a place that had phone books.

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answers from Washington DC on

when we get new neighbors - we usually have a block party so that everyone can meet...

If I was to do a basket - i would would banana muffins (include the recipe so that if they have any allergies, they know what's in it), chocolate chip cookies (the batch the other day with confectioners sugar was/is the bomb!) then give them information about the area - parks, pools, library, etc.

Really sweet of you to do!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What about pasta, sauce, bread, spices and some biscotti?

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answers from Dallas on

I would have freshly baked cookies, especially for children, and a bottle of wine for mom and dad.

Sterling Vineyards is a good wine and you can get a merlot or chardonney for appx $10/ bottle.

Bug: if you don't drink wine, no problem. Save it for a guest you may have someday and then you can offer something fitting if they do enjoy a glass of wine now and then... No biggie. It's not like you are stocking something outlawed in you home. Gees

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answers from Los Angeles on

I once received a cute red tin with cookie mix, spatula, pot holder, cookie cutters and a welcome note. They got everything from Michael's from the dollar bin and cookie mix from grocery store. I bet you could score all of these things from the dollar store ;) great gift!

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answers from Kansas City on

I'd say baked good are always welcome! It's nice of you to think of them!

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answers from San Francisco on

Get them a map of the local parks, map of the town, brochures of places to go in the town or nearby towns, restaurant menus from your favorite places to eat in town, phone numbers and names of the neighbors, and put it all in a basket with some goodies. Or take them dinner. Oh how I love when people bring me dinner.

You are a kind neighbor. Our neighbors came out of the woodwork to welcome us and brought bottle after bottle of wine to make us feel at home. We do not drink any alcohol so we passed that love to our drinking friends. We were grateful for the warm welcome. OUr neighborhood is a very close knit family and we look out for eachother. I wish all new move ins felt as welcomed as we did.

Keep paying it forward and the goodness will come back to you!!

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answers from Springfield on

Make cookies

A potted plant



Seeds to plant



Wind chimes

Wine and some wine glasses

Cheese and crackers to go with the wine

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