New Mom Desperate to Stay Home with Baby

Updated on March 04, 2010
J.F. asks from Dublin, OH
6 answers

I am a new mom and I really want to stay home with my baby. We can't afford for me to stay at home without me bringing in additional income. I would ideally like to take care of him during the day and then work during his naptimes and in the evenings. I have been back at work for several weeks and it has been really hard. People keep telling me it gets easier, but it hasn't--and I really don't want it to. I want to be with him. Any advice on where to find stay-at-home work?

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answers from Columbus on

Hi Lori,

I understand your desire to stay home with your baby. I quit my job 3 months after I had my son. He is now almost 3, and I'm still home full-time with him. I do before/after school care for 1 little girl right now. I have also taken care of other babies part-time and full-time. childcare is always an option. There is always someone needing/wanting their children cared for in a home environment.

You could stay at your current job for a few more months just to save up money....literally save your paychecks so that you have some reserve.....and to see what it would be like to live off of one income. Whatever your lifestyle is now, it will change once you start staying home. You learn how to adjust. You learn to shop with coupons, staying home you will be saving gas in your car, meal plan instead of buying a bunch of stuff then wasting it, borrow books, music, and movies from the library, only shop garage sales and community baby sales, etc.

Good luck!



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Hi Julia,
If you are at all thinking of doing direct sales, please send me an email and we can chat. I am an independent consultant with two different organizations. One with candles and the other with gourmet food.I love the flexibility and income.
D. Hookman



answers from Columbus on

I am a home schooling mother of 4 who was looking for a work from home opportunity that was ethical and legitimate. Something I could be proud of doing and also help other people. I didn’t want a get rich quick or multi-level marketing scheme. I did however, want support and training. Well, I found what I was looking for and would like to share with you what it is that is changing my life.

Make a positive change in your life. Contact me at:



answers from Columbus on

I am a single mom of an 18 month old. I stayed home for 3 mos after having him and did not want to go back, but I had to. I was miserable and not making enough so I looked for supplemental income. I will soon be replacing my income and will be home full-time . I found a group of fellow moms who work from home and they are great. You have a personal mentor who is professional and encouraging. As long as you are motivated you can do this.

Feel free to visit my website and get free info at I will personally be in contact with you.



answers from Washington DC on

Last year, I had a brand new baby girl and I was laid off. I became a SAHM due to my daughter's health issues and without my income we were struggling to keep up with the bills.

I was introduced to an on-line membership that saved me money on everything from my toilet paper all the way to our families health/car insurance. Over the last year we have saved $4844. It not only saved money, but also time. Especially with an infant, it was a blessing NOT to have to go running around to different stores.

After I saw my household savings, I began to work the business. I work about 15-20 hours a week and make enough money that I am able to stay home without the financial strain. I do not sell anything, stock any inventory, nor do I cold call anyone. It's amazing to find a company that helps me save money instead of taking it for products or advertising.

If you would like some more information about it you can e-mail me at or visit my website at for a free on-line presentation.


answers from Columbus on

Hi Julia!
I am certain you will be inundated with responses to this! There are so many of us working from home and doing well. The opportunities are endless! You need to find the one that is the right fit for your values and your skills.
I'd be happy to discuss my opportunities with you. They are in digital scrapbooking and storybooking as well as a brand new opportunity to make money just by reading! (I know sounds gimmicky when put that way but I am starting to do this and I am making money doing stuff I was already doing).
Please feel free to check out my websites and contact me directly at luck with your search! I am sure you will be able to find something that is perfect for you and your family.
L. Mercer
Heritage Makers Independent Consultant and Director

Have it all.....Family. Success. Your own business in the new and exploding digital scrapbooking market. More details at

Mom of 4 with a full time job LOVING LIFE! See how I do it

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