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Updated on May 21, 2014
D.C. asks from Hager City, WI
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Hi. So with summer break coming up, I always try and keep my kiddos engaged with some type of math and reading. In the past I have just bought workbooks or found things online for practice for math. However they have changed the way they do math. So does anyone know any great websites or workbooks with the new way of doing math? My son is going into the 5th grade in august. Any info would begreat. I have asked his teacher abs she is looking for some things as well, but harder since they have just recently changed how they domath. Thanks in advance!

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answers from San Francisco on

My thought on this is that you should not attempt to find workbooks that do math the way they're teaching it in schools now. The way they're doing it makes no sense to anybody. He might be better off just learning how to correctly solve the problems (and then when the school year starts again, he can pretend to solve the problems whatever cockamamie way the teacher wants him to ;).

My kids really love the Life of Fred books. They're technically meant for homeschooling, but they are *fantastic* books for any child to do outside of school. My daughter will also be going into 5th grade, and she is starting on the Fractions book - but if your son needs any review, you could start with the intermediate series. He will enjoy them no matter where you start in the series. Here's a link to some sample pages on the author's website:

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answers from Toledo on

You could look at the website of the textbook company and see what additional resources they have. Most textbooks have workbooks or assessment books (quizzes, tests) you might find helpful.

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answers from Honolulu on
For the link above, this website claims to have math activities based on the Common Core Curriculum.

I would also suggest that you do a Google Search for "Common Core Math Worksheets."

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answers from Buffalo on

Khan Academy online is good.

We do Kumon, but it's not for everybody because it's a ton of work. But Kumon teaches the old fashioned's a good complement to the more theoretical math that schools emphasize (schools don't focus on math facts and calculations)

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answers from Miami on

See if you can buy the teacher's version of the textbook. It tells how to teach the math. Now, whether that helps you or not, that's another story. Even 3rd grade math is taught differently (that's the book I've worked with while subbing) and 5th grade is higher too.

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answers from Detroit on

My kids do iXL for math. My 4th grader is the only one who didn't get a log in for iXL through her school-so she logs into my Kidnergarteners account then goes to her grade level. She also does compass learning-but that website sometimes freezes on her. You could also use Kahn academy-I had to when I took an algebra course.
My kids like to play school, so I plan on buying them hot dots-from toys r us. There is a pen you touch to cards and books that praises the kids when they get the answers correct. That way they can play school together-but each use their age/grade level cards/books.



answers from San Antonio on

I am actually teaching old fashioned math at home and let the school teach the new math at school.

Because having my son be able to memorize the multiplication tables and have him know them is so much better than the five or six step addition problem they use at school to solve the simple question of 7 x 6 = ?

I teach straight up subtraction with borrowing. Plain old multiple digit division.

I teach them the way that will allow them to do higher math like trig or calculus. This new math is going to slaughter kids when they get into higher math because if it takes five or more steps to do simple multiplication how in the heck will they ever be able to solve an equation.

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