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Updated on January 28, 2010
L.T. asks from Celina, TX
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I have been at my current job for over 10 years. I have a good income, work full time, and comute 2 hours a day.
I have become very unhappy in my current situation and need something new. Leaving this job will be the hardest thing I have ever had to do but I just can't keep being miserable everyday I am here. I know I have to work but I just don't think I should hate it. I know this is an awful time to have the desire for a career change but it is what it is. I am an edcuated mother that needs a change. Where do you start? I have had this job so long I don't even know how to make a resume!! Help. How has made a career change and how did you do it?

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answers from Seattle on

Start looking. You have a better chance of being hired while still employed. There are web resources and many cities have job centers that can help you with writing a resume and interview training.

Don't feel bad about wanting to change career. No one deserves to be miserable in the name of money. When you quit, they will hire someone else...

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answers from Chicago on

I am actually considering the same thing. I have an appt next month with the career counselor at the junior college in my area. I am going to talk about experiences and education etc. I was also told I will take tests, 1 for aptitude to see what I excell (sp?) at and the other for what I really enjoy doing. Once I do that, I am hoping there will be a few classes I can be directed to. I don't plan to go for a degree in anything but taking classes to get new knowledge or up to date on things will help. I am also hoping the economy and job market are a bit better when I am ready to take the jump. It is hard to jump out of your comfort zone.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi Lindee,
I would also suggest contacting your local community college and visiting with a career counselor to help you uncover areas of interest. They might be able to give you some suggestions or resources to help you. They would let you know what skills or certification you would need in a new field. And I am sure they have lots of resume templates for you to look at... so does the library. ((and so does the internet)) Do you hate your job or do you just hate the 2 hour commute every day or do the people you work with make your life miserable? Think about the parts of your job that you like to do and see what other jobs or careers would use some of those skills.



answers from Washington DC on

Don't quit your current job until you have a new job lined up!
I have been unemployeed, not by choice, for 6 months. not fun.

First thing to do is make a list of your skills, accomplishments, certifications, etc. Second, look at your household expenses, and figure out what type of income you NEED to bring in. Keep in mind the cost of health insurance and such.

Once you have those two things figured out, you can sit down and write up a resume. Several in fact. Once you have a resume, start looking at what's available. I like you use It compiles other jobsite listings. its like one stop shopping.

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