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Updated on March 02, 2008
M.B. asks from Calera, AL
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Any advice from mom's who work out their home. I am venturing into that scene now and have tried before with little success. I need some tips on how to make it successful. HOw to build up my client base, etc. HOw to balance my time for this and my family??

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

Hi M.,
I work a home based business. I LOVE it. I make a "to do" list each night for the next day. This keeps me on track. I take 1 hour 2 days a week to make my phone calls, put together packets and etc. I do shows 2 on these same 2 nights. My 10yr old and 4 yr old help do some things. I make lots of calls from my cell phone. My kids love it because if I have extra calls to make they know that means a fun trip to the park. I can sit on a blanket and watch them play while I make phone calls. I am always quick to tell my customers and hostesses that I work the business that I do so I can stay at home with my children. A schedule and a "to do" list are MUST! I will be glad to help you with anyother pointers I can think of. If you have more questions just email me.



answers from Clarksville on


I believe that I have the key. It's hard to start a home based business when you are accustomed to or need that extra income. What I do is have an at home JOB and I'm working my business while I build the business to the point that I can let go of the at home JOB. This provides me with the flexibility of making my own schedule while building my business. If yu would like more information contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 877-736-7630 or ###-###-####. I'm not available between 11:00am and 4:00pm CST; that's when I'm working the JOB.

Best wishes,



answers from Birmingham on

Hi M.,

I too work a home based business. I LOVE it. I actually have two kids, they are in school. So that makes my schedule harder to work with. But I have to plan me a schedule to work with for the week. I start out with cleaning first thing in the morning, after that is done I can work on my busniess. I usually set an hour aside to check my messages either on the answering machine or my emails and then I do my return phone calls. If I have things written down I am actually able to do those things and keep up with what I did for that day. Sundays are my days off so I plan my week around that and I try to get everything done in between. I usually make myslef hold at least two shows a week (that is until baseball is over with).That way you have plenty of family time.



answers from Nashville on

Hi M.,

I also work a home-based business. AND I LOVE IT!!! The best advice I could give is to take time to create a SCHEDULE. I like to have a "Power Hour" on Sunday afternoon to take a glance at what is coming up within the next month (4 wks) and for scheduling out each day of the next coming week. Like... when I will check my email, make my phone calls to customers, do paperwork/prepwork, go grocery shopping and when I will devote uninterrupted time with my two kids. I still keep it flexible and try to look at my schedule for the day each morning to see what needs to be adjusted. I found that my business is much more successful now that I have made time to do a little bit of EVERYTHING!! Good luck, feel free to email me if have any questions!! [email protected]


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