New Ideas for Birthday Party (6 Yr Old Boy)

Updated on June 29, 2011
S.C. asks from Troy, MI
12 answers

Okay Moms and Dads.. I have done bounce houses at my house/ regular parties, chuck e cheese style parites and now I want something different..I am starting early planning this out. Oct is the party and I want to do something that doesn't involve my home!! LOL! board with it...Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks

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answers from St. Louis on

Hayride, pumpkin patch, haunted house/woods (age app. though). scavanger hunt are just a few I can think of right now.

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answers from Detroit on

I think it was around my son's 6th (or 7th) birthday that I took 5 of his friends and toured the local fire station and police station. All of the boys loved it. We came back to our house later for cake and ice cream. you can make some calls to your local fire and police stations to make arrangements. The cost is low (free). I think the people giving the tours thought it was pretty cool too. At the police station, the officer even put all the kids in a holding cell. I thought about leaving them there. Just kidding.



answers from Abilene on

I've never done this but have heard that birthday parties at a local fire station are fun. Because your son's birthday is in October, he might enjoy a pool party at a local hotel. Doesn't necessarily have to be an overnight. If you wanted to provide a meal, it could be pizza or a long sub from subway. If you wanted to do cake and ice cream the hotels I've used are happy to store the ice cream until you are ready to use it. The kids could swim for an hour or two, have your snacks/meal, open presents, have them picked up and you could relax the rest of the evening.

I second bowling. Skating is another option if your son likes to skate. Scavenger hunts at a park are also fun. You can google scavenger hunt and find an age appropriate one.

My niece who has a December birthday decided to have her birthday party at the pool in June because having a December birthday she had never had a pool party.

I am sure your son will have a ball no matter what. We are having a "Top Shot" party for my soon to be 8 year old in September.

Blessings to you and your big guy! :)



answers from Grand Rapids on

You've already gotten many of my suggestions - zoo, park, etc. This year I am contemplating the local Nature Center for one of my kids parties -they host them there as well. We have also done bowling (we didn't do their party package, just rented the lanes for a couple of hours), and we have also gone to the children's hands-on museum. Most of the time we do the activity and then go back to our house or grandma's for the cake and ice cream part so we don't have the added expense of room rental. Oh, we have also gone to a local gymnastics facility - many of them host parties as well.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Bowling or Laser Tag!



answers from Detroit on

LOCAL Nature Center or Rec. Center. ..playground /park..
Have fun!
Good Luck!



answers from Detroit on

In Oct. you could do the zoo.



answers from New York on

We just did my son's party at a zoo with kids ages 1-8 and it was great! They did an animal show and the kids got to pet a ton of animals and then tour the zoo with their families after lunch.

It was incredibly easy, all we had to do was provide lunch. Most zoos will include that at a fee as well, but we decided to use an outside caterer. We did water bottles as party favors (plastic and added their names) and tied a bag of pretzels to it for a snack to tour the zoo!



answers from Washington DC on

Pumpkin patch!!
The ones around here let you rent out an area/pavillion. Cost is regular admission/group rate. All of the kids get a free pumpkin when they leave.



answers from Detroit on

My daughter just turned 6 & as it turns out, that age LOVES snakes! We did a party at a local nature centre that provided a talk about snakes, allowed all the kids to pet the python, then a naturalist took them on a hike. When they returned, I had the room decorated with nature-themed items (flower pot centerpieces with butterflies, yellow & green table clothes, hanging butterflies, plain white placemats that I drew blades of grass on the bottom of, and rubber snakes in the grass). I served hot dogs with fruit skewers for lunch, then we had a snake cake (2 bundt pans each cut in half then zig-zagged to form the shape of a cake), mini mud pies (in 2 ounce clear plastic glasses) with gummy worms sticking out & mini toffee cones. Loot bags were simple with a few candy things in them, some more rubber snakes, butterfly stickers, and I tied the bags w/ rubber snakes. Overall, not a lot of work & a ton of fun! Kids commented that it was the best party ever!



answers from Detroit on

We did a maze/pumpkin patch one for my kids last year - great fun!



answers from Minneapolis on

We did our son's 7th birthday party at a big park near our house. The park has a huge playground and a bunch of climbing ropes. I got pizza and made brownies. The party lasted 2 hours. And all I had to pay for was the food.

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