New England Fall - Rain Jacket Needed?

Updated on September 07, 2010
S.G. asks from Manhattan, KS
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Hi Everyone:
I am trying to decide weather or not to get my 5 yr old a raincoat/rain jacket for the fall. I am new to Boston and so I do not know what the fall weather is like here. Should I expect many rainy days. We will be taking the bus to school so this will involve a little walk to and from the bus stop and perhaps a few minutes waiting.

Thank you.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for responding. I ordered him a lightweight raincoat , one size up, so he can wear a thick sweater or light jacket under it. If he wants, he can put on his backpack and then the rain coat. He should be all set.

I suppose I'll get myself one even though I somehow managed to survive all my life without one. I survived May to November rain (not freezing rain though) and many times everyday as I got out of school. Thanks again.

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answers from Boston on

Yes. Fall can be rainy and chilly. I always had rain jackets for my children as they grew up and rain boots as well.

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answers from Detroit on

Spent 11 years living in Massachusetts - I would certainly expect some wet weather, also windy and chilly, especially as fall gets closer to winter. Same thing for spring. And ditto on the Squall Jacket from Land's End - you want something waterproof but also with a fleece lining for warmth.

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answers from Washington DC on

The best jacket I ever bought was the squall jacket from LAnd's End. It had a fleece lining and a rainproof, snow proof outer shell.
THe kids loved them. THey were washable. We lived in Chicago at the time.

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answers from Lewiston on

most of the time it is hard to be definitive when answering these questions but not now, definitely get a rain coat! This has been a dry summer, but rain is common in all season, and definitely fall. Get a rain coat!

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answers from Denver on

I am a native New Englander. :). Rain is a strong possibility in ANY season in Boston. I lived there for a bit and loved it! Have fun!
Oh, and expect lots of snow and freezing rain in the winter.

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answers from Boston on

Get one for yourself too. :-)

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answers from Boston on

If you are taking the bus, check out the website
You text the bus number and the stop number and it is accurate to the nearest minute

You should get an umbrella each for rainy days. Coats with liners are good for the fall/winter too. Wooly hats scarves and gloves are very important and dress in layers.



answers from Boston on

You not only need a raincoat - but get one that will be big enough to have a sweater or something warm inside of it - there are many winter days when it is just above freezing - so it is not snowing but VERY cold pouring rain - picture being 35-40 degrees and soaking wet - you'll want them to be able to put a nice warm sweater inside it . Get a size that might last you through April into early May - the rainiest time of the year. Consider just folding the sleeves over for now.



answers from Boston on

My kids have rain coats, and they love them. I buy from consignment or ebay, and usually get a size larger so they can wear them for a year or two. Make sure they have a hood, (sounds obvious, but some don't) and if not, I'd get a good rain hat.

As a former teacher, I can tell you that a 5 year-old with an umbrella is not a good idea. A whole group of kindergarteners with umbrellas is not only chaos, but it's asking for a poke in the eye. I would stay away from umbrellas until your child can reliably open and close one AND use it without whacking into people. If it's windy at all (which is likely during a New England rainstorm) the umbrella will turn inside out, and it's more of a hassle than a help. If you like, buy yourself a big one that both of you can stand beneath while waiting for the bus.



answers from Boston on

Ditto on the raincoat being MUCH easier for a kid to manage than an umbrella. I stopped letting my 3-year-olds use umbrellas when, on a windy day, they almost got pulled into the street while traffic was coming. My 6-year-old was using an umbrella to go to school, but my husband happened to bring her on every rainy day but one... and I couldn't believe how many people she bumped into with it. Including almost knocking over her teacher while trying to squeeze in the door without closing the umbrella first. Raincoats are easier & safer for everyone!! Kids usually love wearing rainboots, too.



answers from Boston on

It's unpredictable! Arm your child with an umbrella, rain coat, fleece jacket, snowboots, shovel, sunblock and swim shorts at all times. In other words. Check the weather every used to be free at ###-###-####...and proceed accordingly. Good luck.



answers from New York on

You may want to get rain boots. They sell them pretty cheap at Target, and they are super cute :-)

My kids are younger, so I have no idea if this is even practical - but could she just use an umbrella?


answers from Springfield on

Yes, I would get a rain coat. I grew up in MA, and live here now, and it rains regularly. I lived in Montana for a while, where there is very little rain (but plenty of snow). My MIL used to send the kids the cutest raincoats every year - and they never got used!

We use our raincoats quite a bit. LL Bean makes some nice lightweight ones that pack up, and the specialty stores have some super cute ones.



answers from Boston on

I bought my kids one of those tiny folded umbrella's to keep in their back pack. They prefer wearing hoodies. They do also have rain jackets (Basically a hoody with a nylon outer layer). Check out the consignment shops in your area. We live in the suburbs outside 495, and there are 3 near me. I go to them because whenever we need snow pants in December the malls already have spring dresses, they are so far ahead of the seasons. Plus, snow pants at a consignment shop will cost you $10 - $25 depending on their condition, and new ones can be as much as $80 (we have gotten name brand ones for $10). You all will need snow pants, and mittens and a good coat with a hood or a hat and snow boots. Sears often has really good sales at the beginning and end of the season if you want to buy new. Target is another affordable place that has decent clothes, although the Sears ones tend to last longer for us.

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