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Updated on December 09, 2008
C.L. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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My husband and I are looking for a new cell phone plan. We have always had Verizon and like the coverage it provides as we are on the road often; however, the prices (compared to other companies) are higher for the services we want. Does anyone use Sprint or T-Mobile? What are your thoughts? Do you travel often, and if so, how is the coverage outside of the DFW area? We travel to Texarkana, and parts of the trip are pretty much in the middle of no where. I want to make sure we have service along the way. I appreciate your feedback. Merry Christmas!!

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answers from Dallas on

We had Verizon & switched to AT&T because they have the best coverage in Texas, and for the most part the south & midwest. We travel through East Texas to Louisiana & Arkansas frequently and have never had a problem with reception or dropped calls.

Here is the link to see the coverage areas....



answers from Dallas on

We've recently switched from TMobile to AT&T for coverage reasons as well as phone selection. However AT&T is much more expensive than TMobile.



answers from Austin on

We use Sprint and for the most part, we have good reception every where. A few years ago, the only place we didn't get reception was in our home (annoying!) but they've improved the network and now we get a good signal. We travel out to Tyler and down to Austin frequently and never have coverage issues.



answers from Dallas on

We just recently switched from T-mobile to AT&T because the coverage wasn't good. My husband works in Decatur and sometimes he couldn't get a signal. When he had to travel on business it was hit or miss. If you don't do much traveling, T-mobile is great. Otherwise, I would look elsewhere.

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