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Updated on August 22, 2011
E.E. asks from Sandusky, OH
7 answers

I saved the carseat from my son which is silver and light blue, But this time around i am having a girl and wanted to know if anyone knows where i could find a replacement cover for my graco car seat? All i have found were in the 80-100 bucks range. Thanks for your help on this.....

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answers from Minneapolis on

You can only use car seat covers from the manufacturer of your car seat. Anything else will void the warranty. So call Graco and see if they make replacement covers.

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answers from Cleveland on

It's also okay to keep the one you have and save money. Kids don't care.



answers from Dallas on

I saw tons on ebay. You can get them as low as $19.99, but most of them were around $39.99-$49.99.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Both Simplicity and McCalls have all kinds of covers that can be sewn easily. Perhaps a friend, your mom or MIL might sew one for you.


answers from Kansas City on

We had a Graco infant seat for our son, his cover got damaged on a flight. We called Graco and they sent us not 1, but 2, replacement covers. Now it was the same print we already had.

I don't know what you would want to do about the sun shade since that is the same as the cover. It might just be better to buy a new car seat. How old is the seat? It may be time to replace it anyway, there is a sticker on the bottom or side that says when it is expired.



answers from New York on

Try There are tons of wahms out there that make them- and with beautifully, too! I found ones I like at FattyMamaDesigns on Etsy. She makes them to fit your brand of car seat and they run about $35. It would be a great place to start. One word of caution- if you think this site is bad (as far as being addicting) you haven't seen anything until you try out etsy. You will lose yourself- and track of time! :)

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