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Updated on August 08, 2011
S.T. asks from Provo, UT
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we are talking about car options right now. I just wondered if any of you have a Kia Sorrento and if you love or hate it. I would love to hear your opinions on that vehicle, there are others we are thinking of but that is one we like but don't know anyone who actually owns one. I know it comes with the option of a third seat so if you have that feature I'd love to know if you like it and if it was worth getting. Is it big enough? We are thinking of having one more kid (our second) but we want to be able to take people with us or other children we watch. Anything you an tell me from personal experience or from someone you know I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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answers from Boise on

I am on my 2nd Sorento (2004 & 2011) and I love it. I only have one child (15) but he climbed in the third row so his grandparents could ride in the second. Not a ton of room back there but he just sat sideways. I get 21 MPG around town and have never had any major problems with either car.

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answers from Beaumont on

I know 2 people who have it and they both love it. That third seat option is wonderful when your kids are little. Good luck! We're checking out SUV options also.

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answers from New York on

I don't know about the Kia. We're on our 3rd Chrylser Town and Country (won't buy another one, because they are no longer a good value).

As for a 3rd seat row. An absolute must! When you don't have others with you, you have the extra room for the stroller and other gear. You'll find as the kids get older, you'll frequently have a friend or two with you, you'll transport a friends kids for her, etc. My girls are now teens, and I can't immagine life without that 3rd row. We've often had so many kids and gear , that we need to take 2 vehicles.



answers from Salt Lake City on

We just bought one this week based on the Edmonds review and the consumer reports review.
So far I love it! I got the third row seat and it actually fits people(adults will be smoothed, but fit better than in other cars). I test drove a bunch of crossovers and none of them were as nice for the price. 4 dw, 7 seats, blue tooth... ~$25k
I looked at almost everything under $26k that has a third row seat. This is the only one that was a real seat. Toyota rav4- the dealer said they stopped ordering the one's with a third row seat because they couldn't fit kids into them.
Used Subaru impressa - the second and third row seat wouldn't fit a person when the third row is up.
Mitsubishi outlander - great car, third row seat pops up like a camping chair.. Seamed scary to me
Used Ford explorer- was good.. A real third row seat. Nice car, I just preferred a new car.



answers from Boston on

Everyone I've known that's ever owned a Kia has never had anything but problems and once they were paid off never went back to them. Kias are a cheaper car and you get what you pay for.

I have a dodge durango and love it! My next one will have the third row. It's almost 10 yrs old and the only repairs it's needed are just common up keep nothing huge.



answers from Denver on

I love our Honda Odessey - not sexy but so easy!!! Cheaper vehicle, gas is less and insurance is less than an SUV. Put on new tires and okay in the snow too. The Honda Pilot is a nice vehicle too - small third row, but usable, and not a monster of a car or gas guzzler. (Honda fan, can you tell?)

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