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Updated on January 18, 2012
P.K. asks from New York, NY
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Good evening ladies. Here is my dilemma. Right now I have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer with two Evenflow carseats facing forward.
Come June there will be a new baby (not me, I am YiaYia who babysits) and shortly after that if all goes well, there will hopefully be another! So I guess I really need to get a new car. I do not want a mini van. Never had one for my four and do not want one
now. Does anyone have any of the crossover vehicles? I certainly have time but really want to start thinking about it now. Any
help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
P.S. I will have all convertible carseats. Do not like the ones that you carry. Way too heavy between the seat and the baby.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for such great answers. Gives me lots of cars to think about. Probably will not start looking until the summer time. However, I will keep my eyes open for good deals and if one comes along before I can jump on it. I will physically start
looking and measuring now. Do not want to let it go to last minute. Time goes by too fast. You know life is like toilet paper, the
closer you get to the end, the quicker it goes LOL. Thanks again. You are all the best.!

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answers from Nashville on

I have a Chrysler Pacifica that I LOVE!!! it seats 6, (2 in front, 2 captain chairs, and a 3rd row that seats 2, or can fold out of the way!) and has the latch system in it. It has all the perks of a mini van, but it isn't! LOL I have even had 5 people in the car, and folded half of the 3rd row down to make room for my stroller (My stroller is HUGE) and soccer bags (I am a soccer mom).... it drives just like a car. Good luck in whatever you get!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I love the Ford Flex. But do NOT buy a Kia, I just said that in another post...nothing but problems. And I'm an insurance agent...give your agent the VIN's on the ones you are considering and get a quote, the premium could make a big difference and help you decide. Good luck!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

If you're trying to fit 4 car seats, you definitely need something with a 3rd row. I've had a Ford Expedition for nearly 10 years now and I love that thing. My husband keeps wanting me to get a new car and I keep fighting him on it. I don't want to get rid of it! The only thing I'd change is to get Captain's seats in the second row instead of a bench seat, so the back row is more easily accessible. The thing I really love about the Expedition's 3rd row is that it folds flat with the push of a button. When we bought ours, the Tahoe and Suburban didn't do that. Maybe it's changed since then, but in order to get rid of the 3rd row in a Tahoe, you had to physically remove the seat from the vehicle (!). Uh, no thanks! Anyway, we have had NO mechanical problems to speak of with the Ford. Mine has 165K miles on it now. It drives great, super comfortable, we have running boards on ours so the kids have always been able to get in and out on their own... great family SUV.



answers from Chicago on

We drove several crossover cars with 3rd row seats. We tested the Ford Explorer, Flex, Chevy Traverse, Buick Enclave and Acadia. Our final decision was with the Acadia, due to the deal we were able to get. The Traverse, Enclave and Acadia are basically the same car with different body styles. Although I really love my car I wouldn't recommend it with 4 car seats. It is tall and getting into the 3rd row is tricky. Unless you have kids that can get in and buckle themselves I wouldn't suggest it. Same for the Explorer. The Flex by far is the most spacious, it rides really smooth, but I felt like I was driving a limo! I think the Expeditions, Suburban etc are very spacious but it is like driving a tank! My brother has an Expedition and I drove it part way for is big. I agree with you on the minivan, I detested driving that, but they are very kid friendly and the side doors that open are very nice with kiddos!



answers from New York on

I have the Toytota Sienna and its a minivan, but was realistically the best choice for us with three 5 and under. Regardless of what you choose, I suggest taking your car seats with you to the dealership when you're looking to see if/how they fit. The forward facing and booster seats can be quite big and you need to see if the car works for you in the real world.



answers from Los Angeles on

Well I'd say a "bucket, a put put, a carcancha" that way I wouldn't have to spend a dime on a
Monthly car note!!



answers from Kansas City on

LOVE my GMC Acadia! The second row seats are captain's chairs, so there is easy access to the third row. The Acadia is similiar to the Chevy Traverse and Buick Enclave.



answers from Washington DC on

I just bought a FLex.
It is a fine car. I can't say I love it because I was driving a Full Size Conversion until two weeks ago and the FLex is so small, even thought it is one of the largest crossovers.

There is enough room in the back to manuever car seats.
It is a tad shorter than the other crossovers, heighth-wise. Lengthwise itis longer than most.
It is easy to get into the back.
There are 3 seats in the middle that fold down and two in the way back instead of two then three.
I'm getting 21.5 mpg around town.
My kids really like it.

The Acadia, Enclave, and Expedition did not have the room in the back seats for me to sit. My knees touched the front row seats. In the Flex they did not. I have 36" inseam legs. Which is why anything besides my van is too small.


answers from Washington DC on


I love my Dodge Grand Caravan - I can seat 7 with car seats...and still have space for people.

Suburbans and Tahoe's are nice if you refuse minivans' but I tell you - if you are carrying a car seat - there is NOTHING that beats a mini van where the door automatically opens with a click of a button while your hands are full!!!

My gf has a Tahoe with twins and she was NEVER gonna be a mini van she is looking for one! Don't knock it!!

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