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Updated on April 08, 2008
S.B. asks from Rosedale, MD
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My daughter is 13 months old and for the past 3 weeks has had terrible yeast infection in her diaper area. We've been to the pediatrician once a week for the past 3 weeks and nothing is working. He's put her on Nystatin cream. Then a back and forth regimin between the Nystatin and Lotrimin AF. And now the cream regimin and an oral anti-fungal called Fluconozole. She has now been on that for a week and it's still no better. It's blood red and spreading to her inner thighs. I've been changing her diaper every hour, giving her baths and letting her walk around naked to air dry. I just feel so bad for her b/c it's extremely painful to touch it and it seems as if it will never go away. Any suggestions or anyone been through the same thing? Please help!!

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answers from Dover on

About yeast infection. It can be classified under the term-Candidiasis for research purposes.
A substance that could give immediate relief for your daughter's sensitive area is plain yogurt. Let her swim in it if you can. Put her and the tub of yogurt in your tub or large sink and spread it all over, keeping in mind it will be chilly so warming the room may be a good idea. Let her "wear" the yogurt for 15-20 minutes.
Bathing in oats whirled in a blender to a powder may alleviate the swelling and soreness and lend toward further healing. One drop of lavendar essential oil to the tepid bath water would also lend well toward healing.

Find the root of the constancy of the infection returning, the drugs you are administering only address symptoms and do not lend towar actual healing and both may cause liver damage. Sugar is the major reason for yeast infection not leaving a body. Everything has element of sugars. Except for exceptionally healthy foods. These sugars are acceptable.

Also, something for the pain; white willow or even some pieces of baby aspirin to reduce inflammation. There are several homeopathic cures for the childs discomforts that may be located in the local health food shop. It's time to start reading the labels of everything that goes into your baby.

My 30 year old son was diagnosed with Asthma when he was only 2 years old. The drs. gave us all kinds of prescriptions but I decided to research it and found a way to cure him of it and I did! You can take yours and yours baby's health into your own hands rather than let different people who don't know you or love you have that control.
Many blessings abide!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi S.,
By chance are you giving your daughter juice? If so, I highly recommend that you dilute the juice 50/50. The reason I say that is because my 10 month old daughter was getting 'bumps' on her bum and I figured out that it was due to her sugar intake. Because of the juice having so much sugar, I simply diluted it, and walah! All gone!
What I did to cure it asides from diluting the juice was that I used Monistat cream every diaper change. I bought the 7 day applicators and applied just enough to the affected areas. It was cured in no time.
I sure hope this helps. Although it did not bother my daughter by having a rash (she's never had a big rash or a diaper rash before thankfully) but I'm sure it wasn't pleasant having "something" down there.
Take care,



answers from Washington DC on

So sad!! I am so sorry for both you and your daughter. My 2 year old son has chronic ear infections and is constantly on antibiotics which results in recurring yeast infections. Seems kind of silly to me that an antiobiotic to cure an infection causes an infection???? I have used all sorts of anti-fungal creams on my son and the one that seems to work the best is the Equate (walmart brand) version of Lotrimin. It usually clears up within a week and then when the bumps are gone I use Neosporin until he's completely healed. Good luck to you!



answers from Norfolk on

It could be that your daughter is having some sort of reaction to something she is either eating or drinking. My oldest could not drink apple juice while she was in diapers. If she did, she would be broken out and bleeding within a couple of hours. What we did was between the nystatin applications ( we did those twice a day for a week at a time) we would use just plain corn starch. It would cut the acid in her urine and the rash would be gone (most of the time) in about 24 hours. We also fed her yogurt twice a day to help with it. I hope this helps!



answers from Charlottesville on

My daughter had bad yeast infections at about the same age. We also used the Nystatin which normally worked. It did however get severe enough at one point that her doctor called in a prescription for "Greer's Gooh". It has Nystatin in it with a few other ingredients one of which I was told help to treat burns to take the heat and redness out. It helped my daughter over night.

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