Never Ending Quest to Find the Perfect Mommy Bag!

Updated on November 01, 2012
C.B. asks from Reedsburg, WI
11 answers

I am desperately seeking the perfect mommy bag! I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old. I have an Eddie Bauer diaper bag, which is wonderful but just too big to lug around with me everywhere. I have a Lands End little tripper diaper bag, little is the key word here, I can't fit anything I need in there! And I have a Coach purse which I love, but just not practical to fit all my kid's things in there. So what is your favorite mommy/diaper bag? I feel like I have looked everywhere!! What have you found to be your favorite go everywhere do everything bag???

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answers from Los Angeles on

Mine is less than perfect, but the diaper bag/ backpacks are key when you have more than one kid. I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpack. Way stylish vinylazed fabric is awesome, and huge compartment, but a little shy of pockets.

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answers from New York on

I have a JuJuBe PackaBe... It's been fantastic. It's got all kinds of storage compartments... They come in the cutest patterns ever (I have the Cherry Lemonade one)... and if you ever go on they have them 50-65% off ALL THE TIME... I would definitely check them out :)

Happy Shopping!



answers from Dallas on

I have a Miche Bag and lo-o-o-ve it! You switch out the shells so you can change up the outside (there are 2 diaper bag shells) or get "normal" purse shells. So basically, you could use your diaper bag one day and then for that night switch the outside into a normal purse if you're going out WITHOUT having to empty ANYTHING out of the inside.

Check out the website. -- it'll make more sense! ha! i don't sell them but I do have a friend who does.

Good luck! I searched for the longest time, too! Sometimes I wish I could just lug around a backpack...




answers from Dallas on

I have the Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote and I LOVE it! It looks more like a purse than a diaper bag, has tons of pockets/dividers and is just the right size.


answers from New York on

My fave had half cooler side to carry bottles and juice boxes and half regular, lots of little pockets to keep little things like spoon, bibs etc.



answers from Chicago on

I really like the Franklin Covey totes. They are meant to be laptop bags for working women, but it works just as well for moms on the go. They have many zippered compartments and places to tuck just about anything. They are sturdy and last a long time.
They can be pricey, so check the clearance section. Happy shopping!



answers from Seattle on

I like skip hop and fleurville bags! And of course petunia picklebottom, the cake line has bags that look like purses..I think I need to check out this baggalini though!



answers from New York on

i was questing for the last year or so! i needed one that turned into a backpack so i could be hands free. i got one! its by baggalini, got it from a shoulder bag, turns into a backpack, everything zips closed, lots of pockets, lightweight, wipe clean, not too big. so far i love it. baggallini Brussels Bagg - Crinkle Nylon Silver Hardware...



answers from New York on

I bought several mommy bags on about 2 months ago, but seems nowadays that store does not offer any mommy bag now, what a pity.



answers from Canton on

OMG! I totally agree with everyone else. My Mom got me the Skip Hop bag for my first Mothers Day. And I love it!!!! They are a bit pricey but most diaper bags are. THey are functional but so stylish. And super easy for organization. The best is the way you can attach to stroller such a big help. Get a Skip Hop you won't regret it. You may also be able to find one on ebay but for more choices go to their site.



answers from Eugene on

I love my baggalini, too. I have 2 of them, both small, for all of my "necessities" like cash, cards, phone. Then I throw the baggalini and everything else into my Eddie Bauer tote bag. It's heavy duty and open on top and loaded with water bottles, food, jacket, coupons, reading material, purchases.... Often I leave the tote in the car and just take my small bag in to shop or run errands. But anything and everything I might need when I'm away from home is always close by in my car.

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