Networking Groups, Local Expos Etc????

Updated on September 14, 2009
L.K. asks from Scottsdale, AZ
4 answers

Do any of you other mom's who have their own business know of any expo's or local networking groups they love?
I have been looking at meetup and not seeing a good fit - yet!
Expos would be awesome for my business - all I seem to find when I Google are the HUGE ones.
Ideally I would like 2 different local groups that meet bi weekly, so I would have one event a week.

Anyone having success with these areas?

Thanks in advance for your time. All my kids are now in school full days and even though I have been working for home for a long time, I have not had the time and freedom I do now. I've already been promoted since my kids went back to school LOL.

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answers from Phoenix on

Maybe try it may have something you are looking for or even something you are not!!
good luck



answers from Phoenix on

I have started the Women's Empowerment and Networking Circle to empower other women, mothers, and business owners as well as create business connections. The first meeting will be Tuesday Oct 6th at 7pm at my office - A. Chiropractic 3006 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282. I hope you can make it. I look forward to meeting you.

Have an amazing day!
Dr. A.



answers from Phoenix on

I am also in Chandler and find it hard to find events to attend.

The city itself hosts some things that although are big expos are not that expensive such as the multicultural festival was $35.

There is a chandler meetup thing that meets once a month in chandler I have not made it there

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