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Updated on April 22, 2011
P.A. asks from Cerritos, CA
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Trying to figure out what type of computer to invest in. My kid is entering 9th grade and needs an ultra light device for school projects, it needs to have all the windows software. She has also started doing some animation projects at school and they all use macs at school. Is there anything out there that is reasonably priced and is also good on memory & can support some type of animation?

Any inputs would be great. My main criteria:
a. portability and weight
b. memory
c. wireless & bluetooth

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all your inputs. Made my search easier. Not very computer savvy so this really helps!!!

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answers from New York on

A netbook, although cost effective, won't do the trick. It's limited in what it can do.

You'll need either a laptop or a Mac. If you can afford it, go fot the Mac.

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answers from Dallas on

If price isn't a factor, I recommend a Macbook Pro. I just got one a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it! It meets the criteria you list above.

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answers from Eugene on

Since 1986 a Mac user. I used the other type for work but they are far inferior.
My family mostly uses Macs.
I bought an weighs nothing and does everything. I gave my laptop which I had full renovated to my Mac hard drive and all.
Memory is super. Can buy everything for it that is used on Microsoft, wireless, blue tooth and it has Gadget Trak in case any thieves want 10-20 years.
I love Mac and cannot recommend or buy anything else.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Go Mac - you'll never go back!

Example: something goes wrong on your PC, you get error message "6R12JN9"

Same thing goes wrong on your Mac, you get error message "your printer is unplugged."

Macs are more expensive for a reason - they're better!!

Good luck!!

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answers from Chicago on

i don't know much about computers.....but my FIL is a MAC freak & he rebuilds them, he talked me into getting a MacBook's been 1 1/2 yrs & i don't know how to do all the cool things on it but i will never go back to a PC, the MAC is so fast & there are so many cool features, and it is so lightweight, i love it



answers from New York on

I think that the idea of asking the school if they can work discounts is a great one.
I just got a macbook air, and it is SO MUCH better than the windows laptops I use for work. It seems much sturdier, is quicker, is lighter... I could go on and on. Reasonably priced, no. But so much nicer.



answers from Chattanooga on

It's pretty tough to find a Mac that's 'reasonably priced'.... but if you can afford it they are GREAT!!! Especially if she's doing animation... They are usually much less bulky than a 'normal' laptop, you can run windows programs on them, and they are very easy to go wireless with. They are SOOO worth the price, if you can afford it. The biggest problem with them is that they can get really pricy... even if you initally buy it, repair and replacement parts are expensive. I have a Macbook Pro that I absolutely LOVE that is just sitting in it's case, because my brother screwed up a charging connector (inside the computer... so it has to be taken apart and fixed...) and I can't afford to get it fixed. :(



answers from Eugene on

They all use macs at my 9th graders school, too. My son does alot of graphics and animation and loves his macbook. He has the smallest, "cheapest" one and takes it with him to school in his backpack. They had a special deal at the beginning of the school year where we could buy the computer through them at about a $200 discount. Plus, the school had a license to load about $1000 of software onto these computers so it was a great deal, even tho it was still expensive. Any chance your daughter's school could work out a group discount for its students?


answers from Jacksonville on

Something like this? :

You can buy the Applecare Extended warranty for the refurbished products as well as the new ones. The guarantee is exactly the same as for a new product.



answers from Honolulu on

Mac Book
mac Book Air

A NetBook, is NOT made for doing what a "laptop" does.
It is mainly for surfing the net.
Not applications. And not for doing graphics and animation.

your kids' school uses Mac.
Get a Mac.
These are/can be wireless (if you have a router in your home) and it has Bluetooth.

But if they will be doing heavy graphics and animation projects, get an iMac.
You will need adequate Gigabyte capacity or more and a good amount of memory. Graphics/animation projects and applications, use a lot of Gigs and memory.

Macs, can have Windows software and it can be partitioned.

Just go to an Apple store, and they will walk you though all of this.
They are very helpful.

But yes, get a Mac, not a Netbook.
Mac's meet all the criteria you want and that your kids need.
And they use Macs at school too.


answers from Washington DC on

my sons both saved up and got themselves macbooks. they're incredible. (of course for the price they should be. but they actually do live up to the hype.) now i need to persuade them to buy MEEE one!
:) khairete
S. (from the mac mini desktop)

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