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Updated on February 16, 2010
M.R. asks from Oxnard, CA
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My son has been battling with multiple food protein allergies since he was born some which include: milk, egg, soy, wheat, corn, beef, nuts, shell fish and a couple more. He also had cronic eczema for obout a year. On top of that he would never sleep over 2 hours straight (untill he was 16 months, now he is 18 months). It all got better when he was introduced to Neocate jr. He is now on Neocate Jr only. and it is a God sent, regarldless of the price. He cries because he wants to try new food and I feel bad because it is bad for him. Does any mother out there have special recepies that might include ricemilk or any other ingredients they might use to substitude when cooking for a child like mine.

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answers from Hartford on

I came across a website called Welcoming Kitchen.
The entire website is recipes that avoid the 8 major allergens and are vegan. My son has many food allergies too and I have been experimenting with new things on here and he is loving them.
My son was also on Neocate from 6-10 months old, and I was also not sure it was really good for him, so I ended up switching him to goat's milk. I had to mix it with other things to make it like "formula" because he was under a year, but your son is old enough to drink milk, so you could try it straight. I order it from a website called It is the cheapest price out there for powdered goat's milk - less than eight dollars per can and it makes a few gallons I think.
When you say he is on Neocate Jr only, do you mean he doesn't eat anything at all, just drinks Neocate? Certainly there must be some foods he can eat. With my son, we don't do a lot of "recipes" but he eats single item meals (ex. chicken, rice pasta and carrots) and he still can eat a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and meats this way. We don't give him anything processed so as to avoid all preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, etc. but he eats very well and loves to eat. The beauty of it is, if they have never eaten processed foods, they don't know what they are missing and whatever you offer to them will be new and hopefully tasty. You should be able to get away with this for a while longer, until they start wanting what other kids are eating.
Good luck with this. I know it can be really tough. You can contact me if you would like any more help.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had these battles with both my girls. My oldest was allergic to proteins and we were on Nutramigen Formula fortunately she has out grown her allergies. My second daughter was born were severe eczema and she was allergic to soy, dairy and eggs. We tried a lot of different things and the one treatment that truly worked for us was NAET. I really encourage you to do some research on it. You can go to and find a practioner in your area. Best of luck to you and your son.


Founder and Mother of Two

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answers from Los Angeles on

Check out they have great information on allergies



answers from San Diego on

It sounds like he can have chicken, fruit, and most vegetables. I make my son hot chocolate with rice milk, cocoa, and sugar (but he is 6 years old). My son doesn't have near the allergies yours does,though. You need to check the ingredients in everything to make sure they don't have allergens in them. If you get rice flour or oat flour, you could make things with rice milk and egg substitute like pancakes, breads & such. I like to go to and put in the ingredients I want or don't want to see what is out there. It sounds like he could have baked chicken (can he have olive oil?), vegetables, and fruits. It will be very hard to find bread things pre-made that he can have. I also have looked at vegan recipe sites because they don't use milk & egg in their recipies. They do use nuts, though, so you'll still need to watch for things your son can't have. I hope he outgrows most of these soon.

Since he's so young, I'd stick with the Neocate Jr. and introduce fruits and vegetables and other plain ingredients. I'd also try them one at a time, and make sure there's no reaction before introducing a new one.



answers from San Diego on

My son is nineteen months and seriously allergic to dairy, egg, wheat, and avocado and tomato. It is very difficult to deal with but there is an AWESOME web site out there that is especially geared for little ones like ours. It is There are forums there that are for toddlers in particular, hundreds of recipes, and a mine of information from other mothers who are going through the same thing. There is a fee to have access to all the recipes and forums (I think it's about 25-30 dollars) but it is well worth it. It has been a great help and support for us. Good luck and just PM me if you have any other questions about it.



answers from Los Angeles on

Is he breathing through his mouth? If so try closing his mouth when he sleeps. All is related so the eating is important. Get the Nourishing Traditions cookbook which is more than a cookbook. Also, like others said organic is important but most important is fermented foods which feed the intestines. Find a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner to help him with all of this. Read about it on Buteyko Breathing and Weston A Price will have info about the foods. All these foods are GMO and processed terribly. That's why organic. No soy at all except fermented soy sauce or miso M., Nutritional Therpay Prac and Buteyko Breathing Prac



answers from Los Angeles on

Run, don't walk to

Yes, it is a site for families of autism but they have been doing this for a long time, special diets. Everything you could imagine to find in one place: how to do a special diet, what to replace it with, recipes, hidden sources, etc.

Another thing you need to do is stop all vaccines as most of them will have at least one ingredient from your list and is probably the cause of your son's food allergies. Look into information on "leaky gut" which you can also find at the site. You can heal the gut over time so know that he doesn't have to be allergic to some of these foods forever. My daughter can now have corn after 10 years.

Almond milk is a bit more nutritious than Rice Milk and Hemp is the most nutritious out of the three.

For the eczema, my daughter's was out of control until we started to use Sensaria Natural Bodycare's products. Look at replacing all soap with the Body Wash, Freshening Mist to spray on afterward, and any of the body lotions or the Nourishing Moisturizer, all a God-send for our daughter and SO many others. Petroleum, Sodium Laurel Sulfates (SLS), and dyes are not good for those with eczema in fact they will make it worse.

As you have questions, there are many people out there that have been through this already so know that you are not alone. The TACA site has lots of help and support for you, I am available anytime, and there are countless other sites that will have the information you need.

Something to read: Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders, by Dr. Kenneth Bock


answers from Los Angeles on

Whole Foods has many options already in a box. Cherrybrook Kitchens is a great brand for allergies, it's nut/gluten/egg/dairy free. If you google /search Cherrybrook Kitchens, find their website. It has alot of great things.



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter has only a mild dairy allergy, but I can recommend this web group whose members I think are FANTASTIC for all sort of allergy advice:

Best wishes to you and your son!



answers from Honolulu on

I am so sorry that your son has been suffering from these types of allergies. My best friend's son is allergic to EVERYthing also, and it is a constant struggle. He is 5 now. One thing that I can say is: WHOLE FOODS. Feed him simple vegetables, steamed. Chicken rubbed with olive oil and salt and pepper and baked. Rice. Don't get too fancy, just make him whole foods, and cook them in a simple way. Buy organic everything, because he is probably also sensitive to any residues from pesticides. Once you simplify your cooking for him, you might find that you enjoy the taste of real foods as well, and then you and your family will be eating real, healthful foods and it will improve your health as well. Just stop buying anything packaged or processed. At first it is hard to get used to, but you have a HUGE reason to make the effort, so I know you can do it!!

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