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Updated on July 12, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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We have new neighbors across the street... they've been there maybe 6 months. We've gone over and introduced ourselves, always wave and say hi, bump into them at the grocery store, but we don't really know them. My husband bumped into HER yesterday, and during the conversation, she joked that she might need some pointers from us because she's due with a little girl in August (HUGE oops on our part... she's pretty overweight and we didn't know she was pregnant!)... anyway, even though we don't really know them, I was pretty flattered that she said that, and I'd like to give them a small little baby something or other, but I don't know if/where they're registered. I was thinking of a pack of diapers and some little hair bows (I love shopping for baby girls!) Money is tight, and diapers are not a very personal gift, but they're totally useful (especially if you get a larger size!)... would this be appropriate? Should I just get a card, no gift? I was going to wait until the baby actually got here and walk something over. What would you do?

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So What Happened?

@Mommycakes... thanks for the link, I'll check it out, but I was planning on making my own anyway. With 2 daughters and me, I'm always making hair stuff. You will RARELY see me without a flower sticking out of my head, LOL!!

I'd LOVE to bring food, but since we don't really know them, I have no idea what they like, don't like, if they have allergies, etc...

@Denise: that's EXACTLY why I'm waiting until AFTER ;)

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answers from St. Louis on

You're so sweet. Diapers would be fabulous! You could do something little now, and something little when shes here so you get to go see her. Now, even just a little congrats card would be sweet.

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answers from New York on

I like the diapers idea which would be nice for the Baby, but don't foget the parents! The best gift I got after I had my first child was when a Deacon from my church showed up with a great big heaping bowl of ziti! It was after my Husband had gone back to work and I was home alone with our little girl and I was struggling to make it all work and having that bowl of pasta with the green salad and breadsticks show up - already made and piping hot - was a LIFE SAVER!! I had never been so thankful.

Now it is a kind-of a joke and for the last pregnancy (Number 3!) the same Deacon showed up with more ziti, two roasted chickens, corn bread and a bunch of other sides (enough to feed my small army for three or four days!)

A freezer meal, some quick bread, cookies, even an edible arrangement are all nice gifts. Then you can get something little for Baby too.

You are so thoughtful. Have fun.

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answers from Redding on

Besides a nice little baby gift, Id make them a meal when she gets home after the birth. Go over a few more times this next month and get to know they better and then offer to grab the mail and water grass and flowers and feed any pets they have while she is in the hospital. Get to know them now so you can be of some much needed help when she gets home with a new baby. I got to know my new neighbors well enough so when she went in to have their 4th baby, I stayed with the other 3 kids. Im sure she will need you, so go be friendly now.

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answers from New York on

We always do something little for our neighbors when there is something to celebrate! You never know when that small act may come back to "thank you" and your kids are going to play together, so you might as well start being friendly now.

Diapers are a great idea! They're not "personal", but they are much needed and after you have a child you never buy clothing for a shower again... you buy "practical stuff". A week or two after the baby is born, walk them over with some kind of homemade food (pasta dish, cookies, fruit tray whatever) and extend your congratulations. They will have a lot of visitors in those first few weeks and I know that I was so thankful for my neighbor who baked 4 dozen cookies so that I could "put something out" when company arrived!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Gifts are nice and thoughtful.
BUT I would probably have them over for a burger and get a feel for when her due date is...she may be VERY newly pregnant and in that case, I wouldn't give a gift. Next time you see her--say:
"Hey--I heard the news! Congratulations--when's the big day?"
You, after all, don't want to jump in and (God forbid) she loses the baby...

ETA*'re asking for gift suggestions for AFTER the baby arrives? Diapers, gift card, onesies, tub toys, etc.--all appropriate. Sorry--this question was a bit confusing to me....

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answers from Austin on

You're going to think I'm crazy, but, for what it's worth...

What kind of lawn do they have?

Our kids, well, our first was c-section and baby and I were in the hospital for a few days, our second was in the NICU for a week, so with both of them, times were a bit crazy for us. Our neighbor mowed our lawn and watered it for us. Since my husband is one of those people who take great pride in his lawn, it would have bothered him to let it get ragged (but he would have). It was appreciated, and it was something they could do for us when we weren't home. Nice surprise.

But also, I do love the idea of a little outfit or bows, and diapers.

Or, since she hinted for pointers, how about a pretty little basket, with some of those indispensible things no one gives you because they're boring? Lanolin. Infant Tylenol. Saline drops. Thermometer. Nail clippers. Boo-boo buddies. Teething rings. (Bubble bath, for mom!) I don't know how many times moms have called me after the baby was born, and told me that they had new appreciation for the gift, at about 2am the week after the birth...

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answers from Chicago on

I'm also all about "useful" gifts. Diapers are a great gift idea...but I would try to find out if she's planning on using cloth or disposable diapers first. Maybe use it as an excuse to have a quick chat with her and get to know her better.

Another idea is to get her something out of your "mommy tips and tricks" book. I know Mylicon and Medela/Lansinoh Lanolin were things I would never have thought to buy on my own, but I found them to be super helpful.

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answers from Orlando on

My neighbors got me a huge box of diapers after the baby was born. It was a really good gift.

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answers from Detroit on

A diaper cake! Go on you tube and look at the videos on how to make your own diaper cake. It's easy, super cute, unique, and inexpensive. You need about 2 jumbo packs of Size 2 diapers, rubber bands, bottle of baby shampoo or bottles, ribbons, decorations. I recently made one and it turned out cute. I'm not very crafty, but it was so easy to make. Find out what the theme of her nursery is and you can get the decorations to match. There are so many different types you can make. If you google diaper cakes and select images, there are tons of variations.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Birmingham on

Personally, diapers and wipes are my favorite gift to receive. I love useful gifts. As for more personalized stuff, do you know anyone with a monogramming machine? You could have some cloth diapers monogrammed with her name or initials. My mom makes beautiful cloth diapers, diaper bags, and blankets. Inbox me if you are interested in having some stuff made!

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answers from Washington DC on

AAWWWW!!! how sweet!!!

I know a friend of ours was like that - couldn't tell she was of my close GFs from HS (who is now dead) was pregnant and we couldn't see it!!

any way - I would buy a cute dress or something like that!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

What about getting those super cute pattern diapers that Pampers has out right now. That way it is still "cutsie" and useful. Bows are good or those little headband things in case baby does not have hair.

PS Pampers has been having coupons out like crazy advertising those cute diapers so that may help with cost too.

So sweet of ya!

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answers from San Antonio on

I'd probably buy a pack of diapers and/or wipes with some cute bows on top. Make sure you write your phone number on the card. I think any gift you give them will be great, as 1. it's a nice gesture and 2. The lady's already said that she may need your advice. So you could easily say: "Girl, you are going to need plenty of these!" Of course the only draw back might be if she plans to use cloth diapers? If you know her last name (or at least 2 letters of it), then you can search for her registry online. Just try target and babiesrus.

And also, you could tell her about mamapedia. But then, you may always wonder if she's reading all about your personal life on here and whether you want that or not. Don't forget to warn her about Ms. Granny Fussypants that lives near you too! :)

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answers from Cleveland on

I like the idea of bows and such.
They're so cute for little girls.
I have a friend who actually makes some
Eden's Bowtique is the name of her company. You can find her on Facebook. Or here​e
She started making bows, headband and such for her lil girl and spread out from there.
They are SO cute and you can have them customized.

I personally would LOVE to get diapers as a gift. They're so expensive sometimes that anything is a help.

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