Neighbor's Cat Is Pooping in My Backyard Flowers

Updated on September 03, 2008
M.L. asks from Arlington, TX
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Need ways to keep neighbor's cat from pooping in my backyard flower bed. Our yard is fenced and it is the neighbor's cat from across the street. Is there anything safe for my kids, flowers and cat to keep the cat away. It is such a nuisance because my daughter likes to water the plants and pick off the dead flowers.

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answers from Dallas on

Here is what I do:

buy some lemongrass oil and a spray bottle.
20 drops lemongrass oil + 1 - 2 cups water. spray the perimeter to your heart's content... cats and dogs don't like the smell.

I spray that on my sidewalk and around my mailbox to keep neighborhood dogs from using my lawn as a litter box.

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answers from Tyler on

Hello M. well I had the same thing happen to me the best and most safe is orange peelings you can put them any place for some reason cats do not like them change them every two weeks or just leave in for the soil it is good , but be sure to put new ones every two weeks till you see cat don't come around any more hope this helps.
God Bless
M. & Boys

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answers from Dallas on

You could always set a trap-buy one or borrow from the local animal shelter. Put the trap near where you've seen poop and put an open can of tuna fish and I bet in a couple of days you'll catch something. Then call animal control to come and get it. Their cat is their problem and shouldn't be yours especially when it comes to cleaning up poop. Good luck. (worked for me :) )



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Our Neighbor's cat urinates on our garage and front door... I can't wait to hear ANY suggestions!


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