Negative Pregnancy Test- Too Early??

Updated on June 15, 2011
J.M. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Ok so I am only 11 Days past Ovulation and I took a test this morning with first morning urine. I want to know if anyone has tested early like me and then tested again in a few days and got a Positive???
My symptoms right now are Creamy/ Lotiony cervical mucus and sore boobs!
Is there still hope for me? Also I need to add a had a stillbirth 2 months ago so I really want to be pregnant! I want to have a living baby in my arms :(

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So What Happened?

I got my period today at 13 DPO :( Guess trying again next month!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Yes! With both of my girls over the counter pregnancy tests said not pregnant. But going to the dr for a blood test revealed i was 7 weeks. I
Go for the test. I always had a low pregnancy hormone which never showed up on even the the most expensive store pregnancy test. Good luck.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Wait until the day your period is due. The hormone levels increase SO rapidly each day that even another 2-3 days can change the results.

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answers from Detroit on

I took a test the day I was due to get my period and got a negative test. I waited a couple of days and tested again and it was positive. It is possible.



answers from Los Angeles on

Oh yeah, I was a couple days late and test was still negative for little guy #1. Gave up until 2 weeks later I had morning sickness and my boss recognized and insisted I was, though I told her it couldn't be! I was! So sorry for your loss, and good luck (I am 11 days past ovulation too and the wait is driving me nuts so I know how you feel in that respect).



answers from Chicago on

Wait until 16 days post-ovulation and test, especially if your BBT is still high and hasn't fallen yet.


answers from Chicago on

I tested 5, 4, and 3 days before expected menstrual cycle and they were negative but the one I took 2 day before was positive! Good luck to you! This was my 3rd baby but the first time I tried testing early. So so sorry for your loss! Many hugs and prayers!



answers from Los Angeles on

I totally know where you're coming from! The waiting is the most horrible part of all. Why don't you ask your doctor if he can draw blood from you to confirm whether you're pregnant or not? I live in South Africa and was working for a GP at the time of my first pregnancy. He insisted on confirming my urine test with a blood test as a matter of course. A blood test can not only give you a result earlier in the pregnancy than the urine tests, but they can usually tell approximately how far along you are. In my case (since I'd always had irregular periods and had been told I would be unable to conceive "without medical assistance") I was over 6 weeks along before I discovered that I had indeed fallen pregnant without medical assistance after all! :) I pray that you will have the result you want. Best wishes.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yep. Took a test and it was negative. A week later it was positive. The tests are looking for the presence of HcG in your urine. And you may just not have enough yet. Give it a few days and try again.
Good luck!!!



answers from New York on

I think too early. With this pregnancy (i am 33.5 weeks) I took a test on a fri and sat- both negative. Took another on Monday and it was positive. And that was like the day before I should have started my period. So its probably too early, everyday counts. Give it a few days and try again. Good luck

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