Negative Pregnancy Test at Dr's Lab..

Updated on February 07, 2012
K.L. asks from Woodland, CA
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I've taken four home preg tests, and ALL were clearly positive. Went to the Dr lab today, and took a urine preg test. Dr called back and said it was negative... I told him about my home results, and he said to come in for a blood hGC test tomorrow. After our conversation, I took the last First Response test I had, and it was positive! So I'm assuming the Dr lab test just isn't as sensitive, since I am early (4 weeks) into the pregnancy...

Has anyone else had multiple home positives, and a lab negative? I'm trying not to look too far into it, bc I know the blood test will confirm all my home tests.

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answers from Dallas on

I went to the dollar store to get a test so that I could get on meds for endometriosis. It was positive. Went BACK to the dollar store...again...positive.

Went to the Dr's office, test was negative. Left there, went to WalGreens, bout a 2 pack, VOILA, one negative one positive. Went BACK same day to Dr office and showed him all of the tests and they took another one...negative. They did an HCG test and a couple of days I find out, sure enough I was pregnant.

I wasn't even late. And being pregnant was the LAST thing on my list of issues. But as luck with have it...

Just so you know, if your test is over 25, that's considered pregnant. My number was 45. I had only been pregnant for a couple of days.

Long story Longer...have him give you the HCG blood test. His test is probably wrong.

Sending good thoughts your way.

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answers from Columbia on

I think the baby's just introverted.

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answers from Redding on

I had multiple tests tell me positive at home and at the docs office I peed in the cup...went to my room...a few seconds later the doctor comes in...says, "So you are NOT pregnant." I was devastated/confused...what??? I told her I had the positive home tests and she said...well hold on, I'll be right back. She comes back in and says "Opps, our bad...we didnt wait long ARE pregnant" Then she follows that comment with "is this a good thing?" mouth dropped...doctors! So yes, its entirely possible : ) But you are very dont stress, you either are or you arent...stressing wont help, so enjoy life and you will find out soon enough : ) Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

Urine is so variable. Get the blood test.

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answers from St. Louis on

With my last son, I had the same thing happen. Positive home test with a negative urine dr. office test. My husband was military and I went on post, my dr. office told me I needed to go to the ob/ gyn and take my positive test and they would retest me. They looked at me funny bring in two pee sticks, but just made an appointment and at my first appointment they didn't get a heartbeat and did an ultrasound and found a L. baby in there. ( I am bigger woman and it has been hard to hear the heartbeat until the baby is about two months old.) The dr. told me the baby didn't look as far along as it should have been going off my last period. I had to see the ultrasound tech. and they determined I was two weeks behind my original due date and changed the date.



answers from San Francisco on

My co-worker had a false negative test from her Drs. office. So you may be pregnant. I think those home ones are pretty accurate, especially if you've taken so many.


answers from Hartford on

It's more common to get a false negative than a false positive, but false positives do happen. However, the urine pregnancy tests that you pee on at the doctor's office are pretty much the same as the at-home tests so I'm amused that you called it a "lab test."

Anyway, yes, the blood test is the one you should take seriously. If that one says negative then that's the one you should believe. You are ONLY 4 weeks along, so I would have waited to have the blood draw until you suspected you were further along like 8-10 weeks. You're just too early.

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