Negative Pregnancy Test

Updated on October 01, 2012
R.S. asks from Chicago, IL
6 answers

Today is 18 days after having unprotected sex and a pregnancy test I took a little while ago came up negative. I am still nursing our 14 month old and my period has not returned so the likelihood I got pregnant is pretty slim. Having said that, I am definitely more tired than usual, and in general feel run down and "off". Most likely I am just fighting a cold/virus, etc, but I'm wondering if by now the pregnancy test would have been positive if I were pregnant, or is there still some chance I could be and I should test again in a week?


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answers from Washington DC on

While anything is possible - negative is negative.

I would continue with life as usual and if you're still feeling "off" in 2 weeks, test again.

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answers from Dallas on

Cheryl O. is right, not much more you can do. No one here can really help with this kind of question...

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answers from Cumberland on

Anything is possible-medicine is not 100% and not every test is perfect-if you are still breast feeding the baby-then maybe the hormone levels have not dropped significantly and the test could not detect a change. All the best!

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answers from Bloomington on

I would think at 18 days , a negative result would be pretty accurate.

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answers from Washington DC on

18 days is pretty long, but it depends on the average length of your cycle, which you don't know because of the bf. Consider your cylce length prior to pregnancy, and that should be a pretty good estimate on when your period have come if you ovulated.

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answers from Detroit on

Some woman do not have a period at all while nursing. I doubt you are pregnant, maybe you will start soon and that is why you are tired, or like you said, coming down with something.

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