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Updated on November 01, 2008
C.S. asks from Waterbury, CT
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Hi Moms-
My two children, a boy and a girl share a bedroom. Right now its a babyish theme (snugglebugs), and they both want a change. (As do I)

My son loves Thomas the Train, and my daughter loves Tinkerbell and Princesses. I am at a loss on how to incorporate both wants, into one style that works.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to make both kids happy??

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I just finished my daughter’s room (2.5) and she also LOVES Thinkerbell. My budget was very small so the furniture shopping was done at IKEA :). I didn’t want to overwhelm the room with all that Thinkerbell stuff so I decided just to use some of Thinkerbells colors (yellow like Think’s hair and green like her dress). I painted the room in yellow, I put 2 long green window panels, big green shaggy rung in the middle of the room, shaggy green bead throw (I made myself) and threw bunch of Thinker bell pillows that I got in different store all over her bad (they are all in different Thinker colors, purple, yellow, green and hot pink) then I finished the room with pink flower laps that go on the wall from IKEA (
I know that you have to combine 2 different styles in one room and Thinkerbell (light green, yellow, purple) colors don’t go so well with Thomas (blue, red, black), so it will be very hard to pick a sharing wall color (or if you don’t mind to paint the room in 2 different colors). I would suggest asking you daughter to pick a different princess as her team, like Cinderella or Snow White. Cinderella, Snow White and Thomas have one color in common that you could use for the wall….. BLUE (well different shades of blue but I will try to find something in between those shades….try not to get to dark of the blue). I would keep the window treatment very simple and match it to the wall color (BLUE). For the boys bad I would get a red bead throw with bunch of Thomas decorative pillows, fitting (Thomas or red) night lamp on the nightstand and red or Thomas image small rug in front of the bead and to complete everything I will frame a Thomas & Friends poster for his side of the room. For the girl (if you go with Snow White) I will also get red bead throw (you can also use yellow but having read on both beads will make the room consistent and not to BUSY), then same as the boy’s side: bunch of Princess/Snow White pillows with a fitting lamp, rug in front of the bad and a poster on her side of the room.
That is all I had for right now to suggest…..hope I helped a little or at least got you brain storming with ideas and possibilities :)

Oh, here is an image of Think (just in case you still want to go with her ) that could help you get inspired and help you work out the whole blue issue (the napkin has a little midnight blue going in the background): You can also use this napkin on the wall and frame it.

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Hi C.!

My name is D. and I own a one women decorative arts company and I specialize in children rooms. You can visit my site at
It is also on mamasource. Anyway, I love sky murals. This way the child/children can grow into them. If you need any help contact me, I would love to assist.

All the best!

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Oh how I love kids rooms!! Do you ever look at pottery barn or ikea stuff? Here is a pottery barn website. They have the best ideas!
Cut and paste this entire link. Check it out:

They make rooms so they don't look too themee- more...classic!

All the best!
J. H.


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I had boy/girl twins that shared a room for a while so I already came across this issue in real life. What you can do it paint the walls a light shade or green or blue, hang solid color curtains and then do their bedding in different themes. In my case we did dinosaurs and butterflies. I found lamps to fit the theme and put one on each of their night stands and put a throw rug on the side of each bed fitting the theme.



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Dear C.,

I own a daycare center and I decorated every room with curtains and accessories from Ikea. They have the biggest selection of kids room accessories in beautiful vibrant colors. My favorite color I did was orange. Orange, red, bright green, turquoise, they are all unisex colors. I would pick one of those colors and do solid bedding and then just find throw pillow from a theme your kids like that will match (Dora, Thomas, Diego, etc. This way when you get tired of it you can change up the pillows and not have to change the entire room. Good luck!!



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What about doing a Peter Pan theme? It may not incorporate Thomas very much but maybe you could put a real running train around the room somewhere? Peter Pan is nice because it incorporates Tink and Peter and Pirates, it's awesome for girls and boys, and works for both. A blue wall with clouds on the top of the wall and stars on the ceiling is a good base. Maybe with stars and moons window toppers? If you just use basic pirate decor and add Tink stuff to it I'm sure it will be wonderful. Good luck!

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