Needing Socialization for My Toddlers, STAT!! Winters, CA

Updated on August 18, 2008
S.M. asks from Winters, CA
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We just came back from a cabin trip with another family and I was mortified. They had 3 kids ages 6,7 and 11. Mine are 38 months and 18 months(3 and 1.5). My 3yr old is potty training so pooping on a toilet seat outdoors was out. He freaked out and held his poo. Which in turn, made him unbearable. He was tip-toeing and making faces and just overall being obstinant with the other kids. My 18 month old was just getting the flu from my hubby and I didn't know it. A sick 18 month old is never fun. Especially in a strange place. Add to the picture that I had pms and I'll start the request.
I know there were extrenuating circumstances this time but, every activity turned sour by some behavioral thing with my kids. One was sick, one had a 2 day poo in his tummy. Swimming, taking a walk, playing games, eating, it was rough. Couple this with the fact that their kids were older and super cool kids. My query is this, I'm a stay at home mom by design. I need to get my kids out and social and I live in a small town. My 3 year old is 2nd in line for the parent coop nursery school but its taking forever. I feel like they aren't really benifitting from my being home and them not in day care. Maybe later I'll understand but for right now I'm feeling like calling nanny 911! Also, my boys are spirited, quite spirited. Those parents of spirited boys, you feel me. Help. I also am aware that their ages play a huge part. I need pointers and possibly groups in Winters, Vacaville, Davis area. Thank You

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answers from Sacramento on

Hi S.,

There is story time at the library in Winters on Tuesdays at 10:30 I think. There is a wide variety of age ranges. They do stories and usually some sort of art activity. Otherwise there is not a lot in Winters for little ones, unfortunately. I would also try going to one of the very few parks in town. There is often other kids there. I would check out Davis Rec. They have gymnastic classes and art classes and lots of other stuff for preschoolers and toddlers. There is also a place in Vacaville called Jungle is a great play place for 1-5 year olds.
Hang in there...this time goes by so fast. It will get better. Hope some of these ideas help!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Arials gym in VV has a drop-in time for toddlers. its 5 or 7 dollars for a couple hours, I think. I used to take my kids to the library all the time. The cultural center library has a nice patio area with a big water fountain and a little garden area behind the library. THe town square library is close to a nice bakery (Pure Grain Bakery) with good sandwiches and salads and treats. There used to always be the same moms and kids that came on a certain day adn we eventually started meeting at the bakery after storytime. the kids played while the moms got to chat. It was something I always looked forward to. My oldest is in grammar school and she keeps us very busy.
You could walk around downtown and look at the little shops nearby. THere's a pottery painting place on that street that's fun do go to with kids.

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answers from San Francisco on

Have you tried the PACTS group yet? PACTS is a playgroup organization in the Solano area. Kindermusik/Jungle Tots is a fun place to take little ones to get their energy out. They have indoor playtime each morning with toys, a train set, kitchen, and little safe slides and things to climb on and I think it's about $7 per kid. Stroller Strides has free playgroups every Weds after the moms workout. Their number is ###-###-####. The City of Vacaville also offers a place called "Busy Bees" where it is like a co-op nursery school with parent involvement. They have art projects, puzzles, books, toys to ride on, circle time, etc.. Hope all this helps!

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answers from Sacramento on

Contact the City of Davis Childcare services which actually coordinate childcare services for Yolo county. There are a couple of drop in playgroups for toddlers in Davis that I heard of through them although I haven't been to them as I have a newborn. They will be able to tell you about all your options in Yolo county!


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