Needing Highchair Recommendations

Updated on June 21, 2011
S.H. asks from Harned, KY
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My first child is 4 months old and my pediatrician just suggested that we start feeding him a little cereal and baby food. I have a space saver highchair, but I'm thinking I'd rather have an actual highchair. I'd love some suggestions as to what brand/model I might like.

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answers from Dallas on

Sorry I do not have a recommendation, but do not get the Chicco. I have and love everything else Chicco, BUT NOT THE HIGHCHAIR!!! It's impossible to clean unless you like using toothpicks and toothbrushes...and who has time for that??? Good luck! :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

i love my spacesaver (fisher price brand). if i had to pick a high chair i would pick one that i could fold up and store when not in use.

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answers from Tulsa on

I love my space saver!! I have the fisher price one and it works great. Very easy to travel with when we're going to a family/friend that doesn't have anything like it. Good luck!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I love the simplicity and easy to clean surface of the IKEA one. It's $25 and so durable. I've used it for all 3 of my kids.


answers from Kansas City on

Okay- weirdo here. I HATE our Fisher Price Space Saver.

I love our 3 year old Chicco Polly. It's not overpriced if you consider all of the great features. It's really not that hard to clean. All high chairs get dirty and they will all need cleaned. To us it was worth the money. We love it and are using it with our second child now.



answers from Pensacola on

I am a new Grandmother, and thought I would pass this along: When my daughter was making her on-line suggestions for her baby shower gifts, she loved the idea of one company that had a general theme in her color choice , and received high marks for quality. Each piece she received was from the same company, and the company's name is " Grayco". She loves the high chair we got for our new Grandbaby------it will not be long before Livy can use it. I hope this information will help!



answers from Louisville on

we had the one that you can stick in a chair and its GREAT! somedays i wanted to sit on the floor other days at the table or even on the kitchen counter. this thing was the best i wasnt sure about it at first but now i know i would never get anything else!



answers from Madison on

Space saver may be just fine. I actually used the Fisher Price deluxe booster seat way more then the actual highchair!

If you decide to buy a highchair, one thing I can say is NOT Chicco Polly. Overpriced and very hard to clean. I would choose something simple and easy to clean (washable/easy to wipe surface).



answers from Chicago on

I LOVE the space saver high chair!!! We have them for our twins, and the simple fact that I don't have to drag them out every time I need them is great. I don't have the room to have two high chairs set up at all times, so I love that these stay on the chairs. Also, they convert to boosters, so now that our boys are older they can join us for meals at the table. They can also climb in themselves (another bonus since I'm 9 months pregnant now!!).



answers from Omaha on

I love Chicco, but I too hated our Chicco highchair--the footprint is HUGE!! And yes, it folds down to nothing, but how often do you really fold it up?

We love the Keekaroo Height Right Chair. Yes, it's expensive but it's so versatile from infant to adult, super easy to clean, and has a small footprint!



answers from Springfield on

Another vote for the spacesaver here. I found it so much easier, because then you can just sit next to them at the table and feed them there. Also, it didn't take long for my kids to be more interested in what was on my plate than what was in those baby food jars. I started feeding them from my plate (very small pieces and nothing that wasn't age appropriate), and wow did that making meal time easier. I only had to make one meal (just more of it).

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