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Updated on January 20, 2009
R.M. asks from Edmond, OK
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We will be moving to the Edmond area this coming summer and I am trying to find a good preschool for my daughter(4 years) to go to. I was also wondering if I should look into the public school system at their four year old program? Where we are at now it is better for them to be in the preschools than in the public schools. I didn't know about here.
I am just a little worried b/c most preschools are starting the waiting list right now so I need to find one and get her on a list!
Any information would be helpful!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Welcome to Edmond. We have one of the finest educational systems in the state. I'm guessing you already know that as you are choosing to move to Edmond, not OKC. Our Pre-K program is also fantastic. Every public school has pre-K classes. There is also a building (clyde howell) devoted to only pre-K classes. In addition several day care centers partner with EPS to offer pre-K classes on site (EPS teachers, day care provides classroom. Even with this, there is often a waiting list for our pre-K classes. It is the goal of EPS to soon have enough classroom that every child that wants pre-K can have it, but just not enough space at this time. Visit the EPS website to find out about the application process for pre-K.
I'm not sure where a previous posters friend is attending pre-K, but I have seen and heard nothing but fabulous comments. They are all certified teachers (not so at MDO). The reality that the best preschool learning does not happen at a desk with pencil and paper. Also prereading skills is much more than learning letters. The kids may have working on sorting, ordering, and predicting patterns. They may have wrote their letters in shaving cream or the sand tray. But the kids come home and say "I didn't learn anything today, we just played." Since they don't have a stack of worksheets, parents tend to believe them - when actually they learned a great deal.
The relator provided a great list of preschools. I would add to that Churchill Preschool Academy and Holy Trinity Lutheran School. Programs will vary greatly on days, hours, extended day options and costs. So look around to see what best fits your needs. I will mention that several private schools offer preschool. They will definately try to talk you into enrolling in their full day kindergarten next and then they will try to talk you into staying for private school. It is hard to part ways once your kid has made friends and feels comfortable.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Welcome to Edmond. We have only been here for 2 and 1/2 years. We love it so far. We did all the research before moving here. Edmond has the best public schools in the area. Crime rate is lower and so are taxes. There is a lot of affluent people living here (I am definately not one of them. You should see our second car. lol) and some people think it is a snobby city. My youngest son is in public Pre-K now and loves it. They do practice letters, writing, colors, and numbers but in a creative way so children think it is fun. My oldest is in Kindergarten and is reading(very well) already. Of course each child is different and their age does matter a bit. My Oldest turned 5 while in Pre-k so was an older one in his class. My youngest just turned 4 before school started and is one of the smallest and youngest in his class. I was worried about his maturity level to handle it but he has flourished. He is not as ahead of the reading skills as his brother was/is, but as I said each child is different. Parents involvement is crucial to what children learn. Education can't be just left up to the "teachers" alone. Check out the website.
Enrollment does begin in April and since there is not a enough room there is a lottery system. Parents are given 2 choices of schools then the name is put in a drawing for the first school and if you don't make the list it is then put in the second school drawing and if you don't make that then the waiting list a previous poster mentioned. Some parents decide their child is not ready for Pre-K after they enroll so it is good to get on the waiting list. The one thing to remember is that if your child does not go to pre-K at the age of 4, the following year (if they are 5 when school starts) they will be in Kindergarten. I have heard of some cities having 6 yr olds in Pre-K because it is their first year in school. Not so here. Good luck with your choices and your move. I hope you enjoy it here as much as we do. Be sure to check out the Edmond Public Library as there are lot of activities and things going on and, also a good resource of family things to do each month is Metro Family Magazine(also online) that can be picked up at local stores or the library. We have done all kinds of fun things because of that magazine.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Good morning R..
Let me be the first to welcome you to Edmond! I have lived here for over ten years and have found it to be a great home for my daughters (now 12 & 15.) To answer your question about preschools in Edmond, there are several options available from pre-schools, mother's day out programs, and as you mentioned the public school's 4 year old program.

Edmond Public Schools free Pre-K program is now at many of the elementary schools. This is a half day, five day a week program. In April 2009 the application process will begin for the 2009-2010 school year. Your child must be 4 years old prior to September 1, 2009 to be eligible.

Because to qualify for the public school program you must be an Edmond resident at the time of application, and your move will be this summer, you may need to consider a private Pre-K. I have heard great things about; The Goddard School ###-###-####, Oklahoma Christian Academy ###-###-####, Primrose School of Edmond ###-###-####, and St. Mary's Episcopal School ###-###-####. Of those I have heard there can be wait lists at the Goddard School.

I am an Edmond REALTOR with CENTURY 21 Goodyear Green. If you are not already working with an agent, I would be happy to send you a relocation packet filled with information about our community. Call me anytime at ###-###-####.



answers from Oklahoma City on

our kids have both gone to preschool at St mary's Episcopal School. there is an open house this weekend if you are going to be close, 2-4 pm. we have liked it. it is montessori based, and the teachers are really caring.

i have not been a part of the prek program here, but i have a friend whose son is and she said that he learned more in mothers day out than in the prek here. it is basiclly just daycare. they aren't even doing letters. but as she said, 'you get what you pay for!'

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