Needing a Thomas the Train Birthday Candle

Updated on May 30, 2009
J.B. asks from Mesa, AZ
4 answers

I am in need for a Thomas the Train birthday candle. I have called six Party City stores that are in my area and all of them are sold out. Does anybody know any other store that carries it? I checked one Michael's store and they didn't have it. I need it for this Sunday so ordering it is out of the question. If anybody has any ideas please send them my way.

Thanks so much!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I know i am catching you at short notice. In case you haven't found your candle yet. Try ABC Cake Decorating, is in Phx on 32nd. st and Indian School, if you google them you can find there number and call them, they are very helpful. They are a cake supply store and they have everything and anything there. Would be surprised if they didnt have "Thomas the Train" candle.



answers from Phoenix on

Just a thought, you might want to try a bakery at the grocery store and see if they have one or maybe Toys R Us, Walmart or Target. Good luck in your search!!



answers from Phoenix on

Hi J.,

Would love to help out. I have been there! OK, first I would try with the Bakeries in the area or even in your local Grocery Store. For instance just today I went to Fry's Bakery Dept. and purchased a "Spiderman Kit" for a cake (you know the cakes that people order-it's part of what they use to decorate)for my son's 5th Birthday Party Cake. I had been looking all over for a Spiderman that was not going to cost me $10 so I was happy that it was only $6.00! It's part of what they use to decorate).

So, I know for a fact that if you go to any Bakery or Grocery Store you should find it. I also would not go by just calling. Because especially a place like Wal-Mart or Target you can not always trust or rely that the person looks very good or in some cases forgets to look while your on hold. Just go down there if you can. I would not be surprised at all if they have it too. I was just at Wal-Mart last night (again, getting Spiderman favors for my Son's BD) and I think I saw a section on "Thomas".

I'm confident and sure you will find one. Don't give up.

Have a Great Party!

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