Needed Game Ideas for Outside Party for 10 Year Olds.

Updated on October 29, 2007
T.M. asks from Woodstock, IL
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I am looking for any outdoor games or recipes that anyone might have for my daughters 10th birthday. We will be having a bonfire and having it outside with roasted hotdogs and chips with juice - I know not very nutrional but its only 3 hours lol. But I need to find some games that will work well. Any suggestions will be great!!! Thanks T.

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So What Happened?

Well the party went very well. We played donuts on a string, Red Rover, than did ghost stories by the fire with marshmallows. The kids had a great time, then 5 girls spent the night it was a great time by all. Thanks for all your suggestions, they were great!!!

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I agree with the scavenger hunt idea...i loved those when i was a pre-teen, and even teenager! Now, i am 35, but i too fondly look back on those fun times! Also, i have a 13 yr. old daughter and 'truth or dare' is something she and her friends like to do. (Ihave an 8 yr. old daughter, a 4 yr. old son, and a 3 mo. old daughter as well!) Since you are having a bonfire, have everyone take turns telling spooky stories! You'll get a laugh at some of the stuff they make up! I'ts a great imagination stretching game. Either way, a bonfire with hotdogs, chips and friends will be a goodtime!!! Let us know how it turns out!



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"Hopscotch, Hangman, Hot Potato and Ha Ha Ha" is great reference book by Jack Maguire. It's full of all the indoor and outdoor games we played as kids. You would find tons of ideas in there. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking a scavenger hunt, flashlight tag and ghost in the graveyard.



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Well, I just had a Halloween party for a couple dozen 6 year olds, and planned on bobbing for apples, but that is so messy, and would remove the kids make up etc...besides, they waste them anyway. Then, I saw something online where a lady had her children bobbing for doughnuts. She actually strung the round doughnuts from string, and put them at different heights in a tree and the kids weren't to use their hands.

It was cold outside, and our tree limbs were too we had a stick (removed the mop end- and sanitized it, of course) and two older ones held the ends while we looped the doughnuts on there. Divide up teams (however many prizes you want to give for it) and someone to time it....and whoever is the fastest on the team (finish and swallow however many you agree on)gets the prize. A great tasty game at any age. Better get milk ready if you do that! The powdered doughnuts got dry mouths asking for it!! Also, I used the mini doughnuts, powder and chocolate. The kids loved the game!!

Good luck!



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We went to a party over the weekend where they hung a small powdered doughnut on a string and then hung them all together and it was a race to see who could get it off first. The kids loved it.. and more nutrition LOL!



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When I was about that age...I remember going to a birthday party that too was an outdoor event. Her parents had a scavenger hunt. I STILL remember it to this day. (I'm 31 now!) It was so much fun! At the end we just got a bag of candy or some small treat. But the actual hunt wasso much fun. We just got clues that moved us closer to the end/prize.
Good luck!



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Looks like you have some good suggestions already. I'll add these -

red rover, red rover
dance freeze
simon says
musical chairs(squares)



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I would do a google search for outdoor games. You'll probably find tons of ideas.

At that age, we played games like Red Light/Green Light, What Time is it, Mr. Fox? (I've also seen it called Wolf's dinner time), and Colored Egg.

Another fun game we did in elementary school was have everyone reach their hands into the middle and grab random hands. Then everyone has to untangle the knot of people without letting go of hands. It is a lot of fun, and challenges everyone to think it through and work together. We probably did it with 10 or 12 people.

Have fun!!

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