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Updated on May 08, 2010
S.G. asks from Rowlett, TX
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hi moms...

im a single parent who works full time and just moved out of my parents house . its been an adjustment and money seems to be all i can think about. any ideas on how to make a few extra dollars a month?

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So What Happened?

these are all great ideas! i appreciate it. freelance is definitely an option...ive done a few projects, its just a matter of FINDING the freelance work :) let me know if you know anyone that needs a a logo, invitation, announcement, etc!

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Hi there!

I don't know if you are looking to start your own business but I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about this great business I have started. I take the fun and excitement of children's make your own stuffed animal and glamor parties to the homes of the children. the parents have no stress of taking all the kids to the mall/store no fear of losing kids and things like that. if this might be something your interested in please visit my website and let me know



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Hi, my name is Tiffani! I'm a full-time wife and mommy three beautiful girls ages 1, 2 and 4! Needless to say, I'm a very busy lady with very little time on my hands! I wanted to start a home business to supplement my family’s income, but I could never find anything that was legitimate AND worked around my busy schedule! What I finally found was a company that was risk free, reputable & over 25 years old. There are no hidden fees, no selling and no inventory.

What I do:
Market my free website (training provided)
Dial people into overview calls
Set up online accounts
Mentor others
Earn residual income that builds over time.

What I do not do:
Buy inventory
Sell Products
Take orders

You can work part time or full time depending on your income goals, everything is month to month, no contracts or quotas, no monthly fees. I call the shots and spend as much time with my kids as I need.
I got started shortly after giving birth to my third daughter, so I know anyone can do this. It definitely requires hard work and determination, but it is so worth it. I am not only working to supplement my family’s income, but to also help my husband and I achieve our dreams of being home full time with our children and having time flexibility. If you are in the same situation as I was and you'd like more information go to my website at: http://www.workathomeunited/txmommy.

You can view the link that says view more and then if you would like me to contact you, please click the link that says Get More Info. Now! and give some basic information and I get back to you!



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I agree with TF, since you are a graphic designer, look for some freelance work, there are plenty of companies that would pay you good money for special projects. This might mean some late nights and maybe having to work weekends to get things done. Being a single mom is not easy, and I commend you for it. Good luck! hope you find something that really works for you!


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Just remember that if something sounds to good to be true.....RUN.

Also, don't invest money in something that you think will make you money.

You say you are a graphic about using that in some way independently. Maybe someone needs a designer like yourself but wants to save money from using a larger corporation.

A good babysitter is hard to find...maybe you have some neighbors who might need your assistance.

Get on a product research panel. I've done focus groups and been paid as much as $250 (cash) for a 2 hr session. That is a little out of the norm...most sessions pay anywhere from $60+. It is one of those things you can't so a lot because companies don't want career focus group candidates on their panels. You can usually do one or 2 a year, depending on what the company request.

Hang in there and good luck.



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I don't know if you still would like ideas but if you do. Please check out the link below. Thanks.

A. Brewe
Proud Member of Internet Ceo Moms working from home
Wheeling, IL



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Just a few off the top of my head...

Donate blood, make and sell craft items, any extra "junk" around the house or any clothes that don't fit you/baby can be sold on, offer to babysit on the weekends, and maybe pet-sit.

Hope some of these ideas will help!


answers from Chicago on

I also was in your position until recently. I was looking to earn a little extra income and I happened to talkm to the right people and get invloved in a great company. I work as a buyer for a licenced, insured gold purchasing company that is the NEW way to make lots of quick cash. The price of gold is at an all time high right now and our company has a very unique way of making YOU money. Basically, you set up a date and a time for us (2-3 hours) and we do all the work. We come to the place of your choice and purchase any gold, silver, and/or platinum that you and your frinds no longer wear or is broken or damaged. We do all the work. Your friends get paid top dollar everything, immediatly! If you host the party, you get 10% of everything purchased at your party in cash, on the spot. Any of your friends that decide to book a party thereafter, you get 5% of the total purchased from their parties as well. We set parties up in offices, schools, private homes, churches, hotels, ect. If you have two hours to make a few hundred dollars-cash, call me and I can let you know more of the details and about our dates available because our calenars are filling up fast! Feel free to contact me at any time at ###-###-####.

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