Need Vacation Spots like Branson, Gatlinburg, Myrtle Beach, or Orlando?

Updated on October 02, 2012
K.B. asks from Dulles, VA
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Do you know of any DIFFERET spots? We have done all these. What about Califoria? Ideally with musical shows, zipline, ropes course, a water park or large pool at a hotel, and a children's museum

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So What Happened?

We enjoyed Tampa in spite of the possible hurricane that hit. Busch Gardens had a season pass for 49 online and no lines. The zoo was good and we went to MOSI three times to do it all. The Polar Bear movie was a once in a lifetime event in that round theater. The ropes course was HARD as there were many places with nothing but the safety harness to help you balance, but I am glad I tried it. We went to the aquarium( by the cruise terminal and did divequest which had only us and the diver swimming
with the fishes.

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answers from Detroit on

The only reason I have been to Branson is because I live in the same state. It annoys me every time I go. I would cross that one out. Lame.

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answers from Charlotte on

North Myrtle Beach. Hands down. North Myrtle has family beaches. Myrtle Beach has a lot of college students who drink a lot. (So go to North Myrtle.) You do need a car, but you can find shows galore and lots of amenities.

I can't remember about a water park, but you can look that up.



answers from Boston on

Oh I love Gatlinburg!! So much fun. They have tons to do, and have museums, alpine slides, parks, and large pools. I adored it as a kid, and enjoy going as an adult. It has something for everyone.

Orlando is a tourist's paradise. It has it all. I would go in the fall/winter as it won't be as crazy or hot. I am from Bradenton, Fl. So, Disney was in December, always.


answers from Jacksonville on

Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge

They have tons of live music shows, zipline stuff, horseback riding, etc. Not sure how long into the fall the water stuff is available, though, so WHEN you go may matter for that. Dollywood has a water park. You can also white water raft nearby if you are into that sort of thing. We've rented kayaks and done that up there too.
Uber Gatlinburg has ice skating, ski lifts, etc.
Bunches of go-kart tracks all up/down the strip.
Lots of hiking (free).
There is one hotel that has a huge indoor pool with a slide.


answers from Lakeland on

You can find most of what you are looking for in Orlando and the surrounding areas. I don’t know of too many hotels around here without pools and there are quite a few water parks. I don’t know of any large ziplines, but there is one at Gatorland (goes over one of the tanks I think). Tampa is about an hour and a half ride and has a children’s museum among other things to do there (and along the way).

I have never visited the other places except Gatlinburg but that was about 20 years ago and I only remember lots of shopping.


answers from St. Louis on

My older daughter had a soccer tournament in Branson. Ever since the community terrifies me! Her too. She went to Gatlinburg when she was in college and loved it. She actually loved it so much she wanted Troy and I to get married there!

She said it was like Branson, only sane!

Go there!



answers from Kansas City on

Omaha and Minneapolis have really good children's museums and LOTS of other fun things. Omaha has a Coco Key indoor water park and there is a Water Park of America in Minneapolis, not sure if it's indoor or outdoor though, I think indoor. Musical shows I don't know about, but they have a lot to offer in both those cities.

I don't know how old your kids are, but in the off season I think older kids would be bored to tears in Branson. We took our then 2 y/o and 4 y/o last October to Branson and they had a good time but all the outdoor water stuff is closed. The indoor stuff isn't all that great. The Dixie Stampede is pretty darn fun though! ;)



answers from Mobile on

Um . . . am I reading this wrong? Doesn't she want suggestions NOT including Branson, Gatlinburg, Myrtle Beach, or Orlando? I was interested in the suggestions, but that's not what she's getting.

For what it's worth, Lake Tahoe is awesome--doesn't have a children's museum and probably not music for kids, but tons of great outdoor stuff--bike paths/rentals, paddle boats, hiking (of course), geocaching, lake/beach, zip lines, euro bungie, Olympic pool--I like North Shore, but I'm sure there's nice stuff on the other end too.



answers from New York on

Colorado hands down!!!!



answers from Oklahoma City on

We just got back from Branson and had a wonderful time. It was cool enough to be comfortable all day. There were no lines and many times we just stayed on the rides and rode them several times in a row.

We stayed at Boxcar Willies and loved the pool. We considered staying at a water park hotel but when I realized that we would only be there on Friday evening and Sunday evening after Dixie Stampede we chose to not do a water park. Maybe next time if we don't have 2 days of silver dollar city going on.



answers from Dothan on

Hi, You might want to consider Tampa, Florida. We are going there in mid-October so I have been looking around online as to activities in the area.
They have the Museum of Science and Industry which looks like it has a rope course as well as a planetarium.
As for amusement parks, Busch Gardens is located there.
The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa is supposed to be top notch.
Also, not far from Tampa, in Plant City, Florida, is a place called Dinosaur World which will be great if you have little boys into dinosaurs.

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