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Updated on September 24, 2008
B.S. asks from Arlington, TX
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Hi. I live in Arlington and I'm looking for a good pain management doctor near my home. My doctor referred me to one in Dallas, but I'd rather find one a little more local.

I don't have any insurance right now so I'm looking for a doctor that is willing to prescribe pain medication for my diagnoses until I get insurance to help pay for the alternate treatments phsycians prefer. (I just moved here from CA and have found it's nearly impossible to get my pain medication.)

Hopefully I'll have insurance around March, so I need a doctor that will help me out with pain medication at least until then.

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So What Happened?

Because of suggestions made by some of you, I was able to find a doctor locally that is taking me as a cash pay with a written RX Referral from my doctor in Los Angeles. I am going next week. It's not cheap, but pain is also not easy to deal with. I'm just grateful I found a doctor that will work with me.

Thanks for the suggestions and help.

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I do not know of a pain management doc in this area that I can recommend from experience; however, I can recommend using AmeriPlan (discount health plans) until you are able to get insurance. There are pain management physicians in the AmeriPlan network and you would be able to get major discounts on your prescriptions also. Parents Magazine (May 08) listed AmeriPlan as one of the top 3 ways to save money on medical expenses. The Dental plan is only $15/mo for an individual (only $20 for entire household), which provides discounts on vision, prescription and chiropractic care also. The medical plans are only $30 to $60/mo. Check them out at I can answer any questions you may have. ~ N.

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I use to go to a Pain Management Dr. in Fort Worth. I don't know about the insurance part. I would call and tell them your situation before you go there. If you need the Dr.'s name, let me know and I can get it for you.

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Dr. Todd Daniels
Dr. ? Kay

Located at Arlington Orthopedics off Matlock on orthopedic way by chase bank. between arkansas and mayfield

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My husband used to see Dr. Scott Berlin who had an office in Arlington.

Any doctor who would prescribe pain medication, especially narcotics, without a thorough exam should be highly suspect. If your doctor in California has contacts here, I'd recommend you see that doctor even if the doctor is in Dallas. If the two doctors have a professional relationship, your life will be a lot less hassle.

Specialists are expensive as are the tests. We've been without insurance since the first of the year and my husband has chronic pain syndrome resulting from back problems. If your pain issues are related to chronic back pain, e-mail me and I'll tell you more about his current treatment.

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So sorry about your pain! Fish oil has helped our family a lot with pain ,etc. I have heard that Valerian herb helps also.
I think that you would have to take these every hour for relief.
Blessings to you and prayers for pain relief!
C. N

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You might find that some alternative methods such as acupuncture would really help & be better for you than your pain meds. Yes, it is really difficult to get pain medication, but depending on your income, you could be seen at hopefully a reduced price through the county hospital--John Peter Smith. They do have clinics around once you have gotten involved with them. Alternative methods did end up being our best solution when we didn't have insurance.

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