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Updated on April 01, 2008
S.R. asks from Kansas City, MO
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I am looking for someone who can tutor our 10 year old son. We took him to Sylvan and found that he is 2.2 yrs behind in reading and math. We have had issues and each teacher just keeps "passing him on" and he has never learned the basics to help him. He does not write fast to keep up and with the crowed classrooms, if he gets behind he just gives up. Then we have a behavior issue. I cannot afford what Sylvan wants in order for him to catch up. Any ideas would be greatfully welcomed.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone. I will keep doing some more calling and checking. I appreciate the references and keep you posted. S. R.

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I honestly recommend Hooked On Phonics. It can be costly but can also be found on E-Bay for a reasonable price. They have reading and math, it worked great for us!

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Hi S.! I'm so sorry to hear of your son's difficulties in school. I am a mom of a 2 year old boy and I live in Roeland Park, KS. My sister works for a place called Applied Learning Processes that helps children with reading skills. I'm not sure if they could help with the math issue but I know they could help with reading. Also, they may be able to refer you to someone to help with the math issue. The number there is ###-###-#### and my sister's name is Julie. Hope you get some help soon. Additionally, I understand a little bit about what you are saying about your oldest son having Down syndrome. I have a 10 year old niece with Down syndrome. What a blessing!!

Roeland Park

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I have a friend who just told me that she wanted to do some more tutoring. At the moment she is only tutoring one child twice a week. I just wrote her an email and I'll get back to you on this. She's a former teacher and is now a stay at home mom. I know she would be a great help.
She lives about 3 minutes from Gladstone.

I hope you get the help you need!

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Check with your local high school or one of the colleges. There are always students that tutor and don't charge an arm and a leg. And then there may even be a teacher at your son's school that tudors after school. Check with the school secretary. At our school there are several teachers that tudar after school. Good luck and don't give up.



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I can sympathize with your son. I also struggled terribly in math and was well behind the class each and every year. It was embarrassing and frustrating and I still remember the stress and anxiety of it to this day. I didn't even plan on going to college after high school because I convinced myself I obviously wasn't smart so why bother. My parents both worked full time and each of them also a part time job SO when they did actually have time to sit and help they were too tired and stressed so it usually ended with them yelling and me crying because I just "didn't get it." My two suggestions would be:
#1 Do not give up or let him give up! He CAN do it. It will just take a lot of work. Maybe offer some LOVE reward systems. And that would be something beyond the normal "hey it will get easier once you master this" concept. Kids don't see far enough ahead for that to be of much value. Just continue to be very encouraging and supportive as it sounds like you are doing!
#2 Check into teachers who are looking to make some outside part time income and see if any of them would be up for the task. Or retired teachers who just miss interacting with kids would also be reasonable. Another idea is to look into high school or college kids looking to make extra money. Try in their want ads/classifieds section or speak with the counselors at school. And remember, a lot of substitute teachers are former teachers and even some of them might be interested.
If you haven't already done so...I would buy workbooks and flashcards or maybe computer games and anything else you can find (say at teacher's supply stores or online) that would be somewhat fun and easy to just work on memory, recognition, and basics.
I am now grown with kids of my own, I went to college a few years ago. Made straight A's by the way, and am going back in the fall to finish my bachelor's. I STILL struggle with math but I am more receptive to learning it because of the new attitude I have. He has to be convinced he CAN succeed and then once things start to click here and there that will bolster his confidence with it and I am sure things will get much easier for you all.
BEST OF LUCK...hope you find something soon that works for you guys! All the best! :)



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Hello S.,
You might try checking with the local high school, North Kansas City. They have students in the IB diploma and a+ programs that need the extra credits and its free. Just a thought, good luck. I believe that NKC high school is the only one who offers these programs.


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Hey hon, sorry I missed this. Before you enter another costly contract, do yourself a huge favor and try out They have all the subjects from Pre-K to 8th grade and they are adding grades every year or so. The work is at his own pace, at home on the computer. It's fun AND works. Many kids use it to catch up to where they should be. My daughter has finished 2 years in just one year through this site. I have daycare children that have learned beyond my wildest imagination through this site. The BEST thing about it is the price. It's only 20 per month! If you have other children of friends that want to go on the same account with you, the additional children are 15 per month.




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you might try checking with some teacher in the building. My daughter suffered from an accident 2 weeks after school started and had to miss 2.5 weeks which set her back horribly. Her teacher tutored her for an extra hour every week and she is know at the top of her class. I dont know what schools are over there. We are in Platte County District and I absolutely love the school she goes to!



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S. have you tried private school? I know a great inexpensive school called Outreach Christian Education & the number there is ###-###-####. The school isn't the largest (that's why I like it) & the classroom isn't filled to the guilds. I know they have a teacher there that use to work at Sylvan...that could turn out to be helpful. S., I'm not trying to be funny when I say this but I took a part-time job (to ensure that I can make some things happen) that happens to be working out just grrrreat because I set my own hours & the money is wonderful! You can still have a full-time job IF you choose to, some people like freedom & money & quit. It's actually my own business in Mary Kay Cosmetics & the perks are out of this world...tremendous tax write offs, setting my own hours & day(s) that I FEEL like working. I'm still employed full-time but I'm gearing toward giving my job the BOOT! I know as a mother that we want the very best for our children & we make sacrafices (sometimes ourselves) so I commend you for reaching out & trying to get your son(s) the help that they what you started late, it wasn't your time to until it happened:-) good luck to you & God Bless!



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Let me start by saying that I think Sylvan is a crock for lack of a better word. They told us our daughter was way behind and she wasn't. And they charge an arm and a leg.

We homeschool our daughter and I am constantly worried that I'm not covering all the bases so I took her to Sylvan for an evaluation. They told me our daughter was a year behind in her reading. Well we had already had an evaluation prior to going to Sylvan and had had rave reviews of our daughter's verbal skills and reading skills.

We have a wonderful reading teacher now. Her name is Carolyn Lund and her phone number is ###-###-####. She is located in Blue Springs however I am sure she can refer you to someone who uses her program (Academic Associates) in your area.

Good luck!
Jenn Bolten

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