Need Trustworthy Electrician Who Knows Code Requirements

Updated on October 22, 2007
A.I. asks from Richardson, TX
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I am trying to sell my parents' house. They lived there for 60 years and both passed away this year. My potential buyers are asking me to spend all this money for electrial repairs. I think some things are just improvements. I need someone to tell me what I have to do and what I don't.

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My husband is suggesting to have the house inspected by yourself (instead of relying on the buyers' inspector), and he will give you a "good faith" estimate of the costs. Then, instead of having to deal with all the upgrades and improvements yourself (you've already been through too much this year), you can give the buyers an "allowance" off the cost of the house for them to have it done themselves. He is also recommending that you have a "full" house inspection, to include foundation, plumbing, sewer, termites, etc. that you may not be aware of, and can cause the closing to fall through at the last minute. This inspection should not cost you more than about $300-500 (usually $300). If you are using a realtor for the sale of the house, ask them for a recommendation.

We are so sorry for your losses this year! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

J. (and Chris)



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A friend of mine is great: Allen Stephens ###-###-####



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My husband is a wonderful electrician and will give you an honest idea about what needs to be done. His name is Nestor ###-###-####. Good luck!


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We use Arrow Electric and have been pleased.

Before I would spend money on "improvements" I would call the city and have a code inspector check it so you know what you really need to do vs improvements they want.




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Has the house been inspected, which is usually paid for by the buyer? An inspector will determine what actually needs to be done. A home that is 60 years old will be grandfathered in regarding many of today's requirements and will not need to have the same wiring, etc. that a home built in another era. How long was the houses on the market? Did you get an offer close to your list price? We have one of our houses on the market, almost four months with two LOW offers. Just curious.

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